Arsenal Pre-season thread


Seriously :joy:


I really don’t like this trend of English clubs going to far away lands to play English clubs in friendlies.


It makes a lot of sense. We play some of the best football in the world and there could be something about the tv licensing that requires clubs to play against each other in the arse end of nowhere, as a sort of advertisement.


At least they could pick a couple of new teams to play against and not the most boring they could find.


Its better than the 39th game way they were going to do it at least.


Which eventually will happen. I can’t see it being West Brom vs Burnley either

Actually I’ve just read Scudamore’s comments on this in a Daily Fail article, the man is a disgrace :laughing:


Oh God are they talking about do a league game abroad like the NFL does at Wembley?


FFS! I’m going to the beach.
C’mon Arsenal! Do the double against these cunts!



I wish we had Mart Poom :pensive:


Cech rapping in Beijing: “Don’t worry Alex if you need some passes, Mesut is ready and he can assist” :rofl:


Stick to the skins Petr :grimacing:


Giroud be like: Not interested, gonna keep picking at my elbow bumps.


Apparently the stadium was half full for Leicester vs West Brom

There is no market for this outside the top 6-7 clubs


He seems unmotivated and unhappy, something seems to be going on this summer maybe he is weighing up his options or someone is weighing them up for him.


As much as I’d like to believe the content of this post, only you would look for so much meaning in a video of Petr Cech rapping and Giroud picking at his elbow. :joy:


LOL, no its just how he seems throughout the tour and he didnt seem right with that phonecall etc, just seems somewhat vacant and restless.


maybe he’d just rather not be in fucking china. I wouldn’t either. I’m glad the furthest my job expects me to travel is sligo (about 200km).


Sounds like Cech has dead banter tbh


Chelsea taking pre-season very seriously…