Arsenal Pre-season thread


Haha me too…


I thought it looked like Kolasinac threw up near the corner flag.


Looks like we may have a keeper on our hands - looked assurred !!


Except Renato Sanches cost €35M and anything above that is add ons which may or may not be met. So he’s currently just a €35M wonderkid.


£80m Wonder flop


For starters the sum is in Euros and not GBP. And secondly, his current transfer fee is €35M. If he’s a flop as you say he is, he will never reach the €80M sum.


So you’re telling Munich paid £90m for a 13 year old? Crazy shit man



Why do Bayern always cheat against us? FFS! :sanchez2:


Haha nice.

How has Martinez been so far this pre-season?


Iwobi’s goal was fantastic. Said yesterday dont count out current crop - a couple are gonna have breakout seasons. I feelz it.

And @Bl1nk lmao!


Iwobi rightly taking the limelight but Ramsey was fantastic in that break.

Delivery was just sublime.


Even more so if he was unwell due to the food poisoning





Lucky for us there’s no second leg… :santi2:


Sadly, kind of like santi


Up next?


Chelsea on Saturday around lunchtime. I think this one will be on Arsenal ‘shit quality’ Player.


And on ITV :smiley: