Arsenal matches on TV

Doesnt make it right

Great for the Television fan

Shit for the match going fan

Let me guess what camp you’re in???

Most fans are following the game by TV now. Loads of reasons for it too. Cost, ticket availability, times, work,
The fanbase is much bigger and wider spread than ever before and no longer as accessible as it once was.
Games changed and the world changed. Paying fan being messed around just got worse, but its always been that way.


Also worth remembering we’ll be in Europa League this year so we’ll be doing a lot of Sunday/Monday games which opens us up to more TV time



Sat 01 Oct: Tottenham Hotspur (H) 12.30pm - BT

Sun 09 Oct: Liverpool (H) 4.30pm - Sky Sports

Thu 20 Oct Manchester City (H) 8.15pm - Amazon

Sun 23 Oct: Southampton (A) 2pm - Sky Sports


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Lazy update.


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The Chelsea one is a no-brainer. They could have lost six in a row, be bottom of the league and we know Aubameyang will score. Sky wouldn’t pass up a chance to have that broadcast.

Chelsea vs Arsenal games are always on tv. Auba or no Auba :joy:

That’s fair.

Wolves though? Weird one to move.

It’s the only game that day as well.

Sky absolutely salivating at the prospect of broadcasting a classic Arsenal Christmas collapse.


Gary Neville will be fully bricked up on tv during prematch Newcastle coverage if we drop those first two matches.


Looking at those fixtures as all the teams stand, and also bearing in mind the difficulties we’ve had at Brighton, 9 points would be amazing

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Getting Newcastle moved to January 3 is good (previously scheduled for Jan 2). In terms of rotation that makes a real difference. Playing three days after the last fixture is just like a normal Thursday-Sunday schedule, two days afterward is a bigger lift. Helps Newcastle too obviously though.


See the TV companies are once again intent on completely fucking over the match going fan, in favour of the armchair supporters.

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Well given the armchair supports make up the vast majority of their revenue there’s no incentive for them to make life easier for match going fans.

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This is exactly what a Gooner said in one of the papers this morning lol. It’s so true.

We’re just very fortunate that the 27th is a substitute bank holiday so people don’t have to worry about work the next day.

When was it ever different?

Depends on your job

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