Arsenal Kits

Die van mij 10 dagen na bestellen (donderdag binnengekregen)

Dat zou voor mij woensdag betekenen… :smiley: Enig idee wanneer het van ‘Processing Order’ naar ‘Order Dispatched’ ging? Staat nu sinds donderdag op Processing bij mij.

Dat duurde bij mij het langst geloof ik. In transit was ie maar zo’n 3 dagen.

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Wait, weren’t we gonna use the new kit today or am I tripping?

I saw somewhere that it’s for the Palace game.

Oh, nice.

Definitely tripping.

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I bought my away kit on Monday. It arrived today.

Not sure why yours is taking so long.

Adidas must have a warehouse near me because my stuff shows up in two days tops. Very excited about the pink kit. We’re supposed to go to Disney in early September. Hopefully I won’t be too embarrassed to wear it into the park.

Hopefully Maddie won’t be. I’m sure she will let you know though.
Daughters have a way of ltting you know.

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Oh she’s still at the age where she’s in awe of my ability to do things like open a jar or lift the trash bag out of the trash can. I assume that’s why it’s so devastating when they become teenagers and think you’re awful.

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Its nicer than the black away top. The black one would have been legit a 10/10 if they didn’t put that stupid pattern on it and it was plain

7 upwards. You’ve been warned. We have an uneasy alliance at the grand age of 12.

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Ordered the black away kit 10 days before the Emirates cup.
Had heard nothing from Arsenal direct 8 days later so cancelled it, went into the shop and bought it there instead.
Not sure whats going on with Arsenal direct and sending stuff out but Im going to order off Adidas in future if I need to.

The Adidas e-commerce experience is amazing.

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from them and gotten it within 36 hours, without having to pay a bomb for next day delivery etc.


Anything I buy arsenal related I buy off the adidas website. Its free delivery and comes within a day or two.

Fuck paying the £4 delivery fee on arsenal direct lol


Got to say I’ve had issues this summer with Arsenal Direct. No emails to say order received, ETA of 5th to 9th August for an order on the 29th July. It’s never been this bad. Perhaps adidas should have spaced the releases out a bit better.

I’ve also bought Arsenal clothing from the Adidas website, which is also good for getting discounts - like promo deals, first purchase, through the app option etc. Their loyalty program is nice too

Shirts came in today, love them! Got the home and away shirt, and the away kit (they don’t sell the shirt without the rest of the kit unfortunately) for the kid.

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