Arsenal Kits

I wish we still wore long-sleeves in the winter, looks odd short sleeves then a sleeve-coloured compression shirt underneath. I liked that we used to be the only club in the league that left it to the captain.

I’m not surprised that there were laddish pranks, unfortunately Adams wasn’t smart enough to know that winters are much colder across a lot of Europe than they are in the UK, including many areas of France.

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Kit looks so nice worn, easily a 9/10


The one from last season was such an abomination.

Did Eddie think pre-season started next week? He’s got the same grimace I had when I woke up on Monday thinking it was the weekend.

New kit looks smart, not sure about the socks.

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He’s probably pissed the coach didn’t keep him on to score another 3.

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Yeah I really like this kit, much better than that Ajax shirt we had last year.

1 Like reporting that the lovely black kit is released on the 18th July.


I do like the black strip. Might have Jesus on that one.

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I was thinking the same, gold numbers and letters hopefully.

How you gonna post this and not tag @Joshua


I’m so hyped for this.

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:ooo: jealous

That’s really cool

Maybe a hint at this year’s classic shirt release?
We all know they won’t be able to resist releasing the Anfield '89 kit, I do wish they’d get on with it, my original can’t take many more washes.

I figured they’d release the 89 kit this year in order to goose the club into reupping. Isn’t this our last year with adidas?

I think the contract was extended to include 2023/24 but reported recently that Adidas want “the big three” English clubs, Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool. So I think it’s more than likely that Adidas will be with us for a while yet.

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That’s good to know. They’ve really produced some excellent stuff which kind of offsets how shitty the club has performed during the contract. If you’re going to lose, at least look good doing it. (I’ve got a lot of practice with this being an O’s fan)

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Kit is live on ProDirect

I will wait for it to arrive in the shop. I often wonder whether you buy these then you get the delivery date knocked back until it’s actually available everywhere.

Anyone used Pro Direct?

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