Arsenal Kits

See I’m not a fan of centre badges, not sure why maybe it’s because I rarely see a club doing it nowadays it just looks so out of place lol

Oh I absolutely love it. I want more of it. Center badges, preferably enormous Fiorentina 1984 sized badges.

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Some of the training kit to match the away strip is already on sale, picked up a really smart hoodie with the Fritz Lang-esque AFC block letters that appear in the pattern on the away kit.

Caved in and bought the home kit as I was surprised how smart it looks in the flesh, got “Miedema” on the back in the really nice new Arsenal font (so it matches the “Arsenal” under the collar at the back). Martinelli on the black, Odegaard on the pink. Always have one eye on the resale value in case the electricity bill catches up with my monthly mortgage payment.


Ode this popular with the fans?

Gonna get myself a bog fat pink away Kit with Saliba on back. We gonna win the Europa league siu

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You might wanna pick a player that will be staying with us mate.

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Perm ban


Xhaka kits for everyone


Not only would I expect him to be more popular with gooners, Saka is half the amount of letters to get printed on the back of the shirt, as the cost of living crisis kicks in I am sure this will be reflected by Saka seizing top spot.


Not sure if this is a joke but I think every players name costs the same

Do we think the club had to pay more to order those “Ø” letters? I’m too ignorant to know what they’re called. I think they exist in Danish? Sweedish too, maybe? @Cristo @Ocke confirm?

In the olden days you were definitely charged by the letter and number with numbers obviously being more. I think the club shop was at it too as that’s the only place I’ve ever had them done.

Definitely remember it being a factor when choosing as a kid. Bergkamp 10 was big boy money. Merson 9 and Wright 8 far more palatable.


It’s the same thing, but we use different symbols. Ø in Denmark and Norway, Ö in Sweden and Turkey (for some very odd reason).
Often written OE for lazy reasons internationally. Like Oedegaard instead of Ødegaard Because adding a dot or a line is probably too hard :man_shrugging::joy:

We also use Å and Ä. Which is a different story.

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And Æ/æ in Denmark!!

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@Craigie got my back already, but nah, wasnt a joke, I assumed lettering was still priced up in the same way it was when I was a kid.

Obviously my info is a little outdated, since becoming an adult I’ve never had a name on the back of my shirt because I’m not a nonce.




those look like alchemy symbols. Very cool.

Æ is basically ae and sounds similar to that.

Æg in Danish is “egg”


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aeg is egg… so the electrolux brand of appliances you know as eggs haha

That’s awesome. I love languages.

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