Arsenal Kits Thread

Looks crap

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Looks like a horrendous modern x retro hybrid

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I’d take less money on the kit just to go back to one home kit every two years

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If only they’d said that on the image, would have saved you the effort of explaining it to all of us.

I wouldn’t. Couldn’t give a toss how often we change the shirt, I’ll take the money thanks. Its too late for the tide to turn, the commercialisation of football has already gone too far. Strikes me as just throwing money away for no good reason, not sure what benefit we’d have from having the same shirt for two years instead of one. Each to their own though obvs, I see yours is the traditionalist approach, which is valid. Always think of you as being a pragmatist though so a little surprised I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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PSA: Bruised Banana in stock on Adidas US. @JakeyBoy I could always ship it to you if you’re desperate.

Home: Jazzy dark red pattern and white
Away: White with red or dark red trim.
3rd: Dark Blue with pink and yellow trim.

I’ll see the final designs before passing judgement. Certainly got potential, from great to carnage.
Home shirt should be revealed before the end of the season, just in time for us to scoop up a European spot.

Don’t you mean European trophy? :torreira: