Arsenal Kits Thread

Without the sleeve sponsor, that shirt looks awesome.
But I just can’t buy any more shirts with Fly Emirates plastered all over it. I thought I can manage with it but it just takes away the novelty when you feel like a walking billboard.

JVC always felt more discreet tbh and still does on Retro ones IMO.


don’t put yourself down, everyone is beautiful in their own way :heart:

Away top is :fire::fire:

That’s a title winning kit. Gonna get none though.

Malcom wearing our away kit, I knew Raul was up
to something BIG and waiting for the kit release to announce :fire: :fire:



looks ok but I won’t buy it, my home shirt arrived in the post today and I will get the away kit as soon as it hits the website

Wonder who we’re waiting to announce with this one.


Mustifi new contract

Carnt wait to buy the 3rd kit

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Nicer than the away imo. Will probably buy it

Excellent 3rd kit.

I wish the away top had the 3rd kits emblem.

That is a very nice third kit

Funny how so many manufacturers end up making bad kits, and then you can just stick out the most generic of kits like this and it’ll look nice.

I guess they need to make them different enough that people want to buy them every year, but surely more people buy the nice ones.

Even better, I wonder who will be leaving the club once we see that they are not one of the 3 players included in the photoshoot.

My guess is Koscielny