Arsenal Kits Thread


Not real. Someone made them up on twitter


Ah yea, i don’t think they make these decisions in January.


Shame tho as they are both very nice and the real ones won’t look as good haha


Won’t be too long before they start leaking actual designs though. IIRC it usually starts trickling out in February. People get all bent out of shape over some part of the design and try to convince themselves that when the actual shirt is revealed it will be a straight 1989 replica. But the late winter leaks are usually about right.


12-13 and 13-14 were disgusting too. Never got the dark blue strip.



Good to know that Adidas will get special treatment from Adidas.


Have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of money on arsenal Adidas things this summer :heart_eyes:

This isn’t an away or third top tho just a special edition thing for the fans


This magnificent club needs to throw away all these bullshit colour shirts away and get back it’s true identity of red and white and yellow and blue shirts .
Black and pink … wtf is all that about ?



:speaker::speaker:THIS IS NOT A DRILL :speaker::speaker:

The Arsenal 2019-20 away shirt will be predominantly yellow with navy and red used for accents, logos and trim.

Adidas already legends haha.


It looks like Borussia’s. An attempt to try to keep Sven here? :henry2:


nope they just know they are gonna sell a fucktonne so they know they are easily gonna get their values worth out of the 60m a season they are gonna pay us…simple as.


Well, that’s FUT 20(??)'s kit of choice. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Delighted that we’re having a nice plain home shirt and a version of the bruised banana away. Maybe their 3rd kit will be something special too. Khaki and black maybe.


Our third top next season will be blue.

Red and white home, yellow away and blue third.

Adidas know how it works!


That fucking yellow kit!!! :heart_eyes:


Adidas please :pray: (with lighter blue)


It’s not real. The away is a remake of the bruised banana


Of course it an edit, quite clearly