Arsenal Kits Thread


I do much prefer that Adidas logo. Particularly on football kits but just generally too


Looking forward to next seasons kit. Last one I bought was the 15/16 home shirt. Hopefully I love the one next season.


Really hope Adidas put more red back on the home top like these mockups. PUMA put far too much white on the home tops IMO


lol this season’s stands out like a mega sore thumb. I don’t hate it anymore but still looks ridiculous to every other one…


Id say 1965 67 is the stand out one there. Thats not an Arsenal shirt in anybodys book.


The stand out one is obviously 05-06 because it’s a completely different fucking colour!


It’s absolutely one of my favourite shirts that 06-06 one but the one I have is fucking useless cos I weigh about 5 stone less than when I bought it :smile:


96-98 is always going to be my favourite home shirt.


My favourite is 08-10 and 11-12

I still enjoy wearing 11-12 jersey with that awesome logo.

O2 has to be the best sponsor to be had on your shirt.


I’m a purist, 1967-78 can’t be beat. Got myself one of those and the matching away one from Toffs

I’m generally not a fan of us fucking with the all white sleeves, but I really do like the 1992-94 shirt as well, I’ve got the corresponding away shirt so I’d love to complete that particular set.

Most of you have seen that I recently bought the 1994-96 one with the pristine Bergkamp lettering on it :heart_eyes:


Bought the 33 57 home top today. Kinda funny because im looking at the badge and thinking @JakeyBoy.
Also bought the 92 94 home one. Last time I had it my hair was covering Wrighty name and half his number. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Got a photo for us?

Edit: I meant of the shirt you just bought, but also wouldn’t mind seeing the awesome hairdo from the nineties hahah


I haven’t bought a kit since 2009 I believe (yellow Arshavin) but if Adidas want to pay homage to that 92-94 strip I’ll definitely buy it.


I’m really hoping Adidas are able to utilize some of their old Arsenal IP and ride the 90s nostalgia wave. Everything is lining up for a bruised banana reboot. I’d also like to see one kit use just the cannon. Milan used a modified version of their badge a few years ago under Adidas. Maybe we can do the same?


I liked our badge with the shield shaped flag of ambrosio (the england looking flag to you ponces) with the oval logo embossed in the corner… that was great! But we had a really weird at&t/orange peel logo on our away kit that got canned quickly thank god.


Wasn’t that AT&T logo for the world expo or something?



Not the best pictures but they’re the nicest Arsenal kits since our mid 90s stuff. I absolutely love them and would have no hesitations buying either


Seems fake. I whish they do this, but it seems fake.


Jakey has already mentioned that the classics are the 70s kits. (I have the 1971 home jersey as well as the away kit used in the 1979 cup final)

However, personal favourites are as follows:

Red n white- 1998/99 season (horrid season but great kit)
Blue- 1995ish (Jake has a pic of it somewhere in this thread)
Yellow- 03/04 season