Arsenal Kits Thread


Has anyone bought the third kit yet? Curious to know how it fits.


That’s so hot. The classic logo. Yes please.


Ridiculously wicked - id buy that for my whole family !!!


Wow - that’s one of the best yellow - if not Arsenal tops I have seen. Its a beaut…


I’m fucking reaching here but perhaps the reason we’ve not had a rework of this classic is because our kit sponsors wouldn’t have wanted to give such high praise to a design done by their biggest rival.

Maybe Adidas will do it next season :pray: :prayer_beads:


Nike did an homage to the 89 yellow away kit a few years ago which wasn’t awful. I do think the banana shirt is so unique that Adidas would have to replicate the pattern for it to look good.


Link? I’m not sure what Nike top you’re referring to.


This one.


Link seems broken to me

Edit: I’ve found the one you must mean anyway, the 08/09 away. What they’ve done there is simply copy the colour scheme (which is our traditional colour scheme anyway for a start) of a shirt associated with an iconic moment/season. With the bruised banana shirt that’s iconic because of the design, the shirt itself is iconic rather than being linked to an iconic moment or season.

For Nike or Puma to copy the specific design and basically admit that all they want to do is pay tribute to their rivals work is different to what’s happened with the 08/09 one imo, which is them paying tribute to an iconic moment in Arsenal’s history rather than the shirt itself.

I was reaching in the first place anyway, I’m not really saying I think that’s the reason why we haven’t had a reworking of it yet.


2008/2009 away top


That is a serious sexy shirt .



Commercial deals finally competing.


It’s definitely possible based on what they did for their countries in the WC (Germany, Colombia, etc.)


That would be amazing news if true. The market really worked in our favour with Adidas needing a London presence

The length will be interesting


This guy should be given the job of our kit designer in real life ffs :joy::joy:


Can’t see Adidas paying tribute to a classic Nike design :wink:


Fuck that. I want it.


Boss that lad.


The key is the classic Adidas logo. Makes everything so much better.