Arsenal Kits Thread


I like it. First Puma kit purchase for me, it will be the last too if Adidas reports are correct.


Think I might eventually buy the away kit. It’s my favourite out of all three and seeing it irl actually isn’t so bad.


It actually really grinds my gears how footballers have to do that fake celebrating when advertising a new kit. Just wear the fucking kit.

And who gives a fuck about seeing the goalkeeper wear the outfield third kit.


Shit kit !!


1st and 3rd are the worst kits we’ve ever had.

2nd is a beaut though


I don’t mind the kits this year. They looked bad beforehand but now seeing them on the players they lool pretty good. I like the 3rd one a lot, can’t decide which is better the 2nd or 3rd.


An Arsenal home shirt is red with white sleeves. Drop the white shoulders shit.


Oh, and just have a home and an away, and that’s it. Yeah, I know, ££££££££.


The third kit doesn’t look that bad. I actually think the away kit and third kit are nice/different. This home kit sucks though.


I like the 3rd kit. Plus it has the 90’s collar. I don’t know why soccer shirts decided to become a hybrid of cycling jerseys and basketball jerseys.


That’s just Puma.


The turquoise kit looks even better on the players, a win at Old Trafford will make it a classic.


Watching the game yesterday and that 3rd kit looks absolutely shit! Tbh it’s the ugliest kit I’ve ever seen us play in (and we’ve had a few ugly ones). Didn’t help that PSG had white kits making it hard seeing who’s who.


And the socks should always be red.


Anything beats the deck chair kit tbh.


Always red or are you talking about the home kit. If it’s the latter, yes, I agree.


I was referring to @giner ‘s post about the home kit so yes :grin:




Fuck yes.


I would buy two copies of that kit. One to make into a pillow case, the other to wear all the time.