Arsenal Kits Thread


Seems pretty odd for it be in sale in a shop before the official launch


They probably said fuck it, nobody would buy it either way.


Without a doubt that’s the worst of the three kits. Don’t mind the home kit and love the away.


The away kit is the only acceptable one for me, really feeling the patterned shorts in particular.


Shorts are awesome, will definitely be picking them up down the line when they’re reduced a little.


I’d do the same but can’t see myself ever wearing them, apart from maybe round the house, so not really worth it.

I’ll buy the top in a season or two when you can grab em for like 25 quid


Yeh I’d just have them to jog in but I agree not worth spending 30 quid for just that and sitting about the house. I always say I’m going to get the tops at the end of the season but the minute the new ones come out you lose interest in the old.

I might just hold off entirely and wait until we get a new sponsor. I always like getting the first top of the new sponsor as it’s usually a vast enough shift in design to warrant the extortionate price. I’m not really one for names or numbers on the the back so that never draws me in.


That green third kit will be my first puma purchase in a while.

It may look a bit odd in a shop but it’s going to look fantastic under the lights at the Nou Camp in April. It’s going to be a classic.


Those shorts are prime “wear in the house while you do your ironing for the coming work week” gear. Can’t wait to grab them on sale around Xmas.


Last time I checked Barca weren’t in the Europa League :wink:



Oh yeah, old habits and all that. Still, they could drop out of the ECL. Fingers crossed.


Arsenal Adidas originals :ok_hand::heart_eyes:


Third kit has officially been launched


Is Cech our new winger? Why is he wearing it haha


Cuz hes swole :sunglasses:




That shit is hideous.


I agree with what some others have been saying about it – that the colour is not that bad, if there was a polo t-shirt for example in that colour or a similar shade, i’d imagine a lot of people would like it or buy it. Or as a paint colour. But it doesn’t work as a football shirt IMO.


He’s our new kit man.
He can’t keep a clean sheet in goal but he can certainly get those shirts clean :grinning: