Arsenal Kits Thread


Mixed feelings about Adidas coming on. They use those fucking templates for everyone. Even Madrid gets templates once in awhile. I hope they come out and every year just do homages to our retro Adidas kits until they run out.


Yeah it’s weird when it’s so easy to crowd please fans that these companies refuse to do it.

Some of those green/bruised banana/yellow etc. classic kits would get bought up straight away by me. I never buy kits because I think most of the contemporary kits are unimaginative and boring.

Like, why not spend the next few seasons doing some throwbacks in homage to our history and reap the rewards? Adidas sells a shit ton of kits, the fans are happy and buy the kits, win win. Rather than all this stupid bullshit we see nowadays.


Maybe the sales information paints a different picture.


Very likely, I see fans wearing the new kits every season.

Although I also see plenty of fans wearing the old classic kits.


The medium of this is on Amazon for £40 if anyone wants it. @JakeyBoy ?


Could we not just have an embroidered badge for one season instead of that tacky Panini sticker. Never look Arsenal class till we do.


I left a sack of old arsenal shirts in the loft of my old house when I moved out about 10 years ago. Whoops.


Tempting but I’m just not sure about that shade of green, feel like it could do with being a bit darker.


ffs :heart_eyes: take my money @JakeyBoy


That looks shit enough to be an Arsenal top in 2018.


My 2018/19 collection in Football Manager 2018



That is actual class. First Puma purchase for me.


In other words, a black kit could help the players become a bit more aggressive, which definitely wouldn’t hurt in our case.


Sup brothas :heart: before i buy the new away kit i wanna know of your experiences with the Replica vs Authentic kit. Will you have to be in top top notch condition to wear the autchentic without lookin a knobhead?


I bought the authentic player third top last season and it actual sticks to your skin haha so tight


Yea ok :joy: maybe i should eliminate the beer belly completely before even thinking about the authentic. I just like the tight feel it gives u know.


Yeah it’s a proper nice feeling haha but only looks good on slim or gym bodys. It’s shows everything :grimacing:


This home kit man, wtf were Puma thinking??