Arsenal Kits Thread


Love the new away kit. Might have to get a shirt


Was at Villa park when Tony Woodcock hit 5 in that kit.


Is this it?

That’s actually really nice. Why did we not this instead of fucking NHS green :tired_face:


Yeah it was. Caused a bit of a stir at the time moving away from the yellow and blue. Only lasted a season.


I’ve always loved that kit, perhaps because green is one of my favourite colours to wear. But fuck me, that’s a sweet kit. Anything in that combo of colours and I’d buy it instantly


Quality, I recently got one from the online store, at a discount iirc.


Managed to procure the stadium jacket for this season and I love it.


Looks class this edit with Özil wearing it

Edit found this Laca one aswell :heart_eyes:


That Lacazette one looks fucking lovely


Those green kits are class tbf, wouldn’t mind another one like that from Adidas.


Here’s the legendary Paul Davis in action at Old Trafford in it.


The Lacazette shirt is quite the opposite really… trash kit. At the top and the sleeves it looks like a France kit then morphs into the vintage Arsenal kit :confused:


I’m very tempted to buy this on so much nicer than that horror show of a home top next season and the 1985 one is the centenary top so a nice bit of history and is actually quite smart :thinking:


With Adidas returning to the fold. I think our “vintage range” will get one hell of an update.


I hope so because as much as I love our old Adidas stuff I can’t afford to spend £200 on a shirt


Where the fuck are you buying them at £200?!



Hah only a nutter would pay that :open_mouth:


I love 90s football shirts so I’d pay it if I had that kind of money laying around for a football shirt that’s for sure.

I’ve got our 97-98 home kit and the 95 blue away kit and those are my two personal Nike kit about favourites.


Size small wouldn’t be much use to you anyway mate :arteta: