Arsenal Kits Thread


Having seen the kit on Lichtsteiner, it kinda looks like a cheap Asian knockoff.


Think that kit is the NON authentic one. We cant all have six packs you know.


Looks like a PES myclub ball



On one hand I basically hate all the kits. On the other, it’s nice to have our kits advertised by legit top players again.


Good old british core. Rest in peace.


light blue one doesnt look too bad tbh


It’s lit up and photoshopped to look less shit


yeah that one doesnt look quite as nice…bit of a weird colour who was the nutter who decided on that, well the rest of this seasons kits in general.


I would love to have that photoshopped version. :heart_eyes:


I feel like I might actually quite like the away kit


I don’t understand why people must have yellow away kits. Yellow might just be the ugliest colour on a football kit.


Nah Brazils kits kill that argument mate. Pele, Zico, Ronaldo,just to many iconic images in that kit.


Fucking pus lime green piece of shit top…

Sorry Freudian slip - I meant to say i’m not overly keen on the green one - looks a bit like a bogey…

I’m off to eat a mint aero cause I’m easily distracted…


Home and away getting officially introduced at Leicester Square today


Oh I’m round that way today. Going to pop by!


“Oh, Flower of Scotland…”


Robert Pires is there (obviously)


and Ray Parlour. Don’t forget Ray.


Love the green kit, I’m old enough to remember the last one.