Arsenal Kits Thread


Nothing sexier than when I see a woman with that hair lol


Looking at these nearly gave me epleizy :dizzy_face:


That hair gets me going as well.


Looking at the spelling of that last word, it did seem to give you epilepsy :arteta:


Ffs I typed it into my phone and that’s what came up I thought it didn’t look right :joy:



My favourite kit I ever bought (even over the 100 year one!)


Fuck me I would not leave the dressing room with those kits on. Rather play naked


Some good news though!


Not if its worn by Fellaineh


Wait a minute. The personal sponsor of Ozil is adidas. He renewed his contract because he might have known/the Adidas people asked him too. Not that I care how his extension came about in the end though.


Do you think it’s possible that they’d have that much sway over him? Of course money talks, but could/would they put up enough money for it to be a deciding factor?


I wouldn’t rule it out. Adidas can also take care of Ozil long after his career if he shows them loyalty and do him a massive offer right now to. Plus the market probably wasn’t that great for an attacking midfielder very close to his 30s. Henry is still doing stuff for Puma 4 years after he’s retired. I think that partnership definitely played a role in the decision.


Looks a bit different if this is true. The red in the middle is bad move.


Puma are blatantly taking the piss, next season’s gear is truly awful.


Hope we go back a home kit every 2 years


Jesus our new kit sucks…we look like a packet of gummi bears or some cheap sports drink can…



I mean I could be wrong of course, but I suspect that’s a training top. It certainly gives me that vibe.




Hopefully. But it’s being described by many as being our away strip. These are apparently our training kits (all better than the above monstrosity). No confirmation yet though.


These are a lot better imo