Arsenal Kits Thread


I’m not a REDANDWHITE YELLOWANDBLUE OR DIE kind of guy, like some Arsenal fans. I believe the away kit and third should be totally different every time so I think I could live with this one being a bit random. It’s certainly better than I was expecting from that colour at least.

But it’s a shame it’s in a year that we have a diabolical home kit. I was hoping to buy a top this year but wouldn’t want to be seen out in either of these and the leaked away doesn’t look like anything special. Let’s hope we buy a really good keeper because the short sleeve keeper kit isn’t bad


That goalkeeper kit is beautiful :heart_eyes: Better than all our other kits hands down


That Keeper kit may be the first shirt I buy in years. Beautiful


doesnt help when its worn by Petr “Bantz” Cech.


Goalkeepers don’t want people to visit Rwanda? :laca:


That’s gorgeous. Haven’t bought a kit in years but will defo grab that one.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I think I’m glad this is sold out cos I’d have been quite tempted to jizz ninety quid down the drain on that haha.

That shirt, a bucket hat and a return flight to Beefa. Summer’s sorted m8


I would absolutely be all over that hahaha


Are you talking about the top :henry2:


Haha I was, but now you mention it…

I am a big fan of that kind of hair on a woman, very attractive



Think all those 90s Hawaiian shirts look nasty.


Abysmal kit. Would do the girl tho.




The girl is pretty, makes that kit look better than it actually is


Was thinking the same thing lol


Yeah that kit is awful lol. 90’s kits are really awful on the whole tbf


Are you kidding? 90s kits are the best – I like that there were just two kits and a lot of teams opted for a home kit and then an absolutely flamboyant away one.

And as for the goalkeepers… look at this beauty! I’d go as far as to say that 90s goalkeeping tops are the best items of clothing ever produced!




90s kits were by far the best.

Sure, they were pretty garish and sometimes downright ugly, but paradoxically that’s the beauty of them. The bruised banana is aesthetically awful but it is the holy grail lol

And yeah @Phoebica, the goalie kits were just fantastic.


This Jorge guy though