Arsenal Kits Thread


Much nicer than the home hah


The shorts transform it though :fire:


It’s the perfectly straight line at the top of the chest I can’t handle on the home kit. The rings around the sleeves are kinda cool and different but holy fuck that straight line makes me want to vomit. They have actual professional designers ffs. How did that even get drawn never mind produced.


This kit was awesome and my Mrs messed it up in the wash. Gutted!


Don’t really like new home shirts. There is too white.


Absolutely shyte
Let’s get back to our traditional roots .
Red and white and Yellow and blue .
Timeless and classic.


Can’t wait for Adidas now.


That is fucking horrible. I think that is possibly in the top five worst kits of all time. Not just arsenal kits. Just outright disgusting.

The shoulders done like that look like some nfl uniforms…


Cant beleive how bad these new kits are. Feel sorry for everyone who buys them. A shame that our new great head is being presented by one of the worst kits in our history.


It’s clear the hiring of Emery was a planned stunt to stop people from talking about that pink looking shit on the sleeves. Illuminati confirmed


Your are right there . What an appalling first team shirt .
What on Earth are the designers doing ?
We’re they pissed ?
Shocking kit !


In Puma employees mind:

‘Its our final year with them, but we have to do a kit because we are under contract but they will be going to a competitor. Fuck them we will show them, 5 second jobbie with a crayon coming right up…oh and FUCK YOU’


I reckon the sleeve is, possibly, done like that to emphazise the sleeve sponsor.


Why all the meltdown? It’s only a kit and Puma is leaving anyway. Don’t like don’t buy


It looks even worse from the back :gabriel: :gabriel:



Third top leaked for the first time

Actually not bad tbf.

Earlier green one was the training top


Taste is subjective of course, but I think that colour is pretty fucking hideous lol


Aye the colour is fucking dentist green and I would never buy it but for a third top its ok IMO


Fck that top looks like surgical scrubs