Arsenal Kits Thread


Thats a monstrosity of a top ffs !!


What is that pink piece of shit on the side!? Possibly the worst home kit I can remember.


Oh I’ve got it now.

Wenger: I want everyone to look like the captain.

Puma: Say no more.


Props to puma for designing kits on Microsoft paint


It’s an okayish kit. You can’t really judge with Aubameyang being the main model of it lol, no offence to him but he isn’t the best looking of guys but if he scores 30 goals in it he can be ugly if he wants


Legendary kit reveal from 2014



Looks ok


Around the 0:28 mark, there’s what it looks like a training top that resembles the 2006 kit, loved that one, so I think that would be an instant buy.



No thanks


That is actual disgusting. It looks like a white t-shirt with a red sheet over the chest and stomach.



It looks pretty disgusting from just the pictures but in the video it actually looks decent, it’s different and I love it


This kit is an abomination. Looks like pyjamas.

Get fucked puma, thank god they’re done after this.

I mean wtf

God, this is horrible. What a day yesterday was :arteta:


To be fair I notice you get a free £10 voucher if you pre order it through the website now. With their prices that’ll get what, a keyring, a child’s wallet?


Puma have even made Rotherham a better kit than us. They have a simple red body with plain white sleeves, sound familiar?!

I can only assume they found us in bed with Adidas and are getting their revenge.


PUMA and Addidas are massive rivals aren’t they haha they’ve given us this Topman t-shirt as revenge for leaving them for Addidas :joy::joy::joy:


You know that the supplier gets the kits signed off from the club and don’t just randomly release things they want.
Mostly likely Ivan had a shit sense of Aesthetic.



Let’s hold out hope for the away kit. I’m not making my legendary Jonny Evans shirt be that red and pink piece of shit.