Arsenal Kits Thread


Wait, is that camo on the sleeves? :heart_eyes:


I dig the 3rd kit shirt but the pyjama shorts are just ridiculous.


The shorts are literally the best bit! The rest is really boring!


I like this.


The point of an away kit is to go a bit crazy, so I can’t complain that it’s a bit crazy.


That’s pretty great imo.

Those shorts wouldn’t be too bad for the gym or some poolside lounging :giroud:


Vic :love_letter:


Some bloke was wearing this kit at the Leicester game. Can’t remember us having anything like this in the past, could it be a leak? Or I am probably too stoned


That’s the home top from last season


Too stoned it is then


Dumb question but does anyone know why pretty much every other big club has released at least one of their shirts for the 18/19 season but every year Arsenal wait until the middle of the summer to debut shirts?

I remember thinking it was a Nike thing back when we had Nike but even other Puma clubs have released their 18/19 shirts. I don’t think it actually matters but I always thought it made us look a little clueless on the merchandising side.


Bring back this beauty


Nah, not sure Squillaci is the answer to our defensive woes to be honest.


Might be crosseyed or something too, Squillachi a beauty :gabriel: :gabriel:


Doesn’t actually look too bad on the players tbh


No Ramsey?!


Looks good. Lets win the prem in these.


Looks like they are all wearing corsets.


I think it does still look bad. And it still looks like they’re wearing bands around their arms.

I mean, I know our captain situation is all over the place – but is there any need to make them all captain?


It’s a nice touch from Puma to put armbands on our kit for when our season starts sinking