Arsenal Kits Thread


Wow yeah if it’s this last one it’s another horrific puma kit. Between that and the away atrocity this season they will have made two of the worst kits I’ve seen. If it’s the one above though I like it.


What the actual fuck is that.


It’s basically just a “fuck you” from Puma because they know we’re dumping them


PUMA must be #WengerIn. :gabriel:


Haha :slight_smile:


Nike basically did the same thing in 12/13/14 with that abysmal kit with the blue navi stripes on the sleves. :gabriel:


I’d like to see nominations for a worse PL club home kit that that from the the last 5 years.

Can’t think of a single one.


Speaking of kits it won’t be Vic handing them out next year. He won countless trophies AND wears shorts. :joy:


Is Vic leaving?! Also isn’t it kind of insulting to the ladies that their manager is the men’s kit man?


Err he left the ladies like 10 years ago. Unlike Wenger he knew it was best to go out at the top :sunglasses:

It was a bit insulting when he quit to be the full time kit man :grin:


He’s the Alex Ferguson of Ladies Football so not really.


Shorts for the away have been leaked.

Lol bit of a mismatch. PUMA going full IDGAF next season

Tops really nice tho. Probably our nicest one of the three


They stole my pajamas.


I actually quite like that, something different from what you usually get with football kits


Wow that’s really nice! I can dig it


hmmmm i am not convinced by the new kits, they look like kiddy scribbles on the arms etc, cant get used to it. I cant tell if i like it or dislike it, still on the fence about it.


Away looks pretty good, I as well like that design. I haven’t minded the Puma kits as much as a lot of ppl here. I really loved the blue kit this year however I’ve been traumatized because of losing so often in it lol.


Would probably look better in person (on Özil) but I don’t like those shorts :man_shrugging:


FFS Puma why couldn’t you give us this in red and white you pricks


That looks more like a casual t-shirt than a football kit.