Arsenal Kits Thread


That’s :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: will probably buy it


Those sleeves are hideous lol


Those sleeves are really weird looking. I see they brought the heather effect from this year’s third kit onto the home shirt for next year.

Will be nice to see some different ideas with Adidas coming in for the 2019/20 season even if I think their shirts are super uncomfortable for some reason.


Those sleeves can fuck right off.


I’m not totally sure but I feel like that’s actually a beautiful kit if a bit offensive to traditionalist sensibilities.


looks like they have put a slinky spring design on the sleeves. Looks a bit weird to me.


Same was said about this


That’s our worst ever home top for me. Hated that. Our new one is 100 times nicer than that lol


Yes I hate when they have to mess up the sleeves. They should stay mainly white. End of.


That was the laziest kit bit Nike. The previous kit with a blue neck and ugly sleeves.
And those sleeves were fucking uncomfortable.


Yeah I liked that one too tbh haha, though the novelty did wear off after a season


I hated that RAF style top when it came out but grew to love it. Better than that rumoured PUMA one for next season.


So glad I grew up with some beauts in the early-mid 2000s. Not sure if there has been an Arsenal home top that I’ve really liked in the past five years.


Yeah man, back in my kit buying days we had some corkers. But when I remember that, for example, I liked the 04/05 kits a lot I do wonder if its just a case of me being a child at the time and now being nostalgic about that era generally. I’m not sure that the 04/05 kits are much better than some recent offerings if you put them side by side and removed all context.

I had Reyes on the back of the 04/05 away kit, I was convinced that he was going to be the absolute bomb having been in the North Bank to see him rifle in that goal against Chelsea in the FA Cup in 03/04 :sweat_smile:


You could be right to be honest, I think it’s definitely a bit of nostalgia on my part. I think every football fan feels their club’s kit when they were growing up were more special as they hold more memories. I loved the 04/05 kits too by the way, I was the unoriginal kid though and always had Henry on the back :grin:

I’ll never forget the game vs Chelsea in the cup too, that and his goal vs Middlesbrough the season after are probably the only memories I have of him…


The bets kit we’ve had in yonks was the blue and yellow nike one from 13/14 100%.

That’s the best kit since like 2006 maroon one.


Home and away are nice tbh. Third looks like a dentist top though :joy:


Away looks like PSG.


Away looks like something off the training ground.

Third has my avatar colour scheme :sunglasses:, but has a respectable collar.


Another year without a yellow away shirt. Do not like :rage:

And don’t even get me started on the third kit which looks like someone threw up on it.

Get rid of Puma!