Arsenal Kits Thread


South Korea’s internationally known superstar

Sam Sung

Heard of him?


Too synonymous with Chelsea, no thanks


Predominantly dark navy (‘Peacoat’), the Arsenal 2018-2019 away shirt will use bright red (‘High Risk Red’) for logos, hopefully creating a modern and eye-catching look.

The Emirates writing is expected to be red as well, while the Arsenal badge could end up appearing in a monochrome edition as well.


18/19 3rd kit


“High risk” red and “Apply the ointment twice a day” green.

Can’t wait.


How would you feel then when I told you the home top will be Chili Red Heather?

The new Arsenal 2018-2019 home kit will be Chili Red Heather. Chili Red alone is a color that is similar to Arsenal’s usual home kit colors, while the outstanding feature of Chili Red Heather is the heather-like effect that the kit will have. Puma will combine the heather-like jersey with white for logos and details in the same color as the jersey but without the heather effect, aka Chili Red.


Sounds like a lame all female Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band


What the fuck is a heather-like effect?

Edit- tried the googles and it threw up heathereffect dot com. Not what I was expecting tbh. NSFW at fucking all.


Disappointed, I was hoping for bright orange with the 3rd kit this time :pensive:


A purple kit is long overdue


Bring back O2 as sponsor


Nah, bring back JVC


Bring back cannon and ditch the stupid logo.

Or 125 logo if the shield has to stay


Agree on the cannon. The 125 was big as a Christmas card though. Too big imo.


Full pictures of the third kit and training gear have been leaked now. Worst kit ever?

According to the description, the colours are “biscay green and peacot”, which is just a fancy way of saying the colour of your sick after you drink too many shamrock shakes on St Patrick’s Day.


Puma lazy bastards have just reversed this!


Wow, they actually looked better in this awful screenshot

I don’t get the point of a third kid if you’re not even going to try.


Training gear for next season. Top left is 100% getting copped.


Interesting sleeves…


Don’t believe that actually will be the home kit next season. Probably a ‘feeler’. Those can’t be the actual sleeves… Weren’t Arsenal looking for a sleeve sponsor anyway?