Arsenal Kits Thread


she could wear a bin bag and it would look great


100% + add ons.


I take it back, on the players this kit looks really good. I’m really liking the shorts and socks.


Did tell yall to wait for it. Got written off before it came out, but it looks alright. Still prefer the Hamburg one though :giroud2:


I knew this kit would end up looking good.

It’s so funny how people always have a fucking seizure when they see the low quality grainy as shit leaked images thinking that’s what they’ll look like and then when they’re actually on the players they looks so much better.

Puma > Nike x 1000


Why has Theo got his own brand/logo? Like who’s gonna buy shit with his name on? Oh hi yes I want my clothes to show I accept mediocrity, do you have any Theo t shirts?


I don’t know which is the better trolling, A4TT saying that kit looks good, or Wally’s comments about our support :yum:


That’s the one I had too.


Lol I didn’t know he had his own brand. I’ll have to check that out. @Robin_L are these quotes about the support something new?


Nope I guess not, Wally is the king of media trained footballers and knows full well how to lie to his adoring fans :laughing:


Except when he admitted palace wanted to win more than Arsenal.


Yep, an absolute brutal statement, an insight into his feelings about the group mentality. The media training I refer to is all the social media side, away from matchday. Walcott’s candid honesty in that moment was as revealing as it was pathetic


Look at his logo in the corner there, that’s enough evidence for me. Most other players just have their photo, unless they’re huge and deserve a logo.


Yeah, shows you the kind of boy he is. Not a man at all.


Well I’m a big Theo fan but as a rule I don’t wear another grown man’s name anywhere on my body. So the answer is no. I haven’t bought a jersey/kit of any team since I’ve been an adult.


Fair, I’ve got three alexis shirts and about ten kaka ones :joy:


Lol fair enough, I don’t look down on people who do, I just feel strange doing it. I have no qualms about wearing a pair of Arsenal shorts with my favorite players number, or buying the same boots they have though :grin:


It was that moment I lost all respect for him tbh


my new lock screen :heart_eyes:


Which names on the back?