Arsenal Kits Thread


01-02 + 03/04 home and away will just never be beaten for me.


I do too, though worn it so much you’d have to look very, very closely to know it was once an Özil shirt:

Too bad I don’t really fancy the shirts other than the home kit this season, my Alexis yellow from the season after hasn’t fared too much better, and wearing Wilshere shirts…If only I still had a Diaby :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Of the post-Invincibles shirts I feel like aside from this one, and the purple striped one which I have a special affection for, the white one Calum posted above was one of my favourites that I owned. The 05-06 yellow was super nice too as well as the 08-09/10-11 yellows. Been a big drop off from Nike to Puma tbh, don’t know why people hated on them so much.

I mean, just look at that:



[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:408, topic:1259”]
Been a big drop off from Nike to Puma tbh, don’t know why people hated on them so much.
[/quote]Hating on Nike towards the end do you mean? I always got the feeling at the time that many just wanted a change after so long, the deal money wise with Nike wasn’t the best and people probably thought if we go a different route we might see some freshness in design, as well as a better boost money wise. It was percieved that we weren’t considered top dogs by Nike anymore.

I’ve always liked Nike, and who knows, maybe we’ll go back to them one day, but I don’t think it did any harm going with a different maker for now. The first home hit was gorgeous :heart_eyes: My main bug bare with Puma is feeling the need to change the kits every bloody season. But I won’t get into all that again.


I’ve like most of the puma kits apart from the new away and at least that’s not white


Thats not puma. We would do that with any kit manufacturer now. As thats modern football. I like it as it keeps everything fresh for the new season.




I hope we go for Under Armour next. I’ve never been a big fan of Nike overall and was gladly surprised with Pumas first kit. Now I’m not sure. I think their last kits are ok, but nothing more. I lack a bit more imagination.
But as long as we stay clear from New Balance and Umbro I’ll take anything.


I don’t really understand the Puma hate, they offered us the most money and their home kits have always been awesome.

They’ve came up with some nice third kits and last years away kits is one of the best I’ve seen from us in years.

You could tell Nike didn’t give a fuck about us and we ranked pretty low in their interests towards the end.


triple digit sales…ummmmm so we sold maximum of 999 as regards growth? lol :henry2:


It could be 101 shirts tbh


Triple digit growth… they could have just said. 100% growth :smile:


Could be more than 100% growth though


101% then. Whatever it was. :slight_smile:


No I mean if shirt sales doubled twice then that means shirt sales went up by 200%, in this case you can have more than 100%


That’s still triple digit growth. I get what you’re saying, I’m just saying they should have use the actual figure. :slight_smile:


So we know it could be more than 100% but less than 999%, I feel like we’re getting close to solving this mystery Scooby.


Well, part of it. We still don’t know the starting point.


Could be more than 100% growth tbh.

edit: few beers in. Didn’t mean to single out the %.

edit500: @Kaner went there


As a T shirt it dosent look bad on her.

On the dummys behind it looks gross…