Arsenal Kits Thread


Also another example where appearing in the promo for the new kit doesn’t mean that you are staying.


Great shout I forgot about that. Best away kit’s with the yellow 13/14 one and last season’s 3rd kit.


I actually bought this kit, with Gilberto on the back as well. Dont judge me I was young and naive


The dark sleeves saved it somewhat at least. This season’s blue thing is quite a bit worse in my opinion, I think it’s going to be embarrassing watching us play in it tbh :grimacing:




I still can’t get over how bad our away kit is. Did someone from Puma watch Swansea last season and think, “meh, that’ll do”?!


Seriously is that our away kit WTF they thinking ??


That away kit is truly fucking awful!

Where is the fucking yellow?


Id actually go back to Puma with a complaint saying this is just a cheap Swansea shirt and fckn refuse ti wear it, stick with our 3rd shirt as the away strip - FFS makes me sick and im already in hospital !!


Away kit is now available



Seeing the home kit and then the away kit:

In our next kit deal can we please add a clause that the away kit has to be yellow :yellow_heart:


If the light blue part was a bit darker it would look alright. Can’t see this selling well. Think everyone is gonna go for the home and third.



This was a thing of beauty, should be in the top 5!


Still got mine. Wear it to footy training and 5aside. Love it


our away kit is definitely going to sell the least out of our 3 kits


We’re wearing that nasty two tone blue thing on the Saturday against Benfica, which is great news as I’m going on the Sunday :innocent::+1:


As time goes on. I really wish I’d gotten that blue away kit with the blue lightning bolts. Absolutely brilliant design.

I still have the ‘Number 1’ choice home shirt 02-04 from that top 50 list, nice shirt that :slight_smile: Quite surprised to see the blue away top from 04/05 so high up in 7th if I’m honest. That’s the only away shirt I’ve ever bought, and it’s no where near the best one we’ve had. I’m not even sure why I ever got it really :sweat_smile:


This is the best quality kit I’ve owned, I have it with Arshavin on the back. It’s my go to shirt when I play and I must have worn it hundreds of times and theres little signs of wear.