Arsenal Kits Thread


Surely no one will be stupid enough to buy that away kit ha


I started following Arsenal in 94 or 95 and I can’t recall a home or away kit as far off the mark as this one.


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Surely no one will be stupid enough to buy that away kit ha
[/quote]They’ll always be some ‘kit wanker’ out there sadly, who feels the need to buy/collect, every single shirt from every season, regardless how good or bad they are :facepalm:


I reckon DT and Moh are these type of people


Home Kit - Dodgy Collar
Away Kit - Pukesville
3rd Kit - Snazzy, Me likey


Has the away kit been modelled yet?


The away kit gets so light at the top it almost looks green. In that pic the kit Bellerin is wearing looks terrible. Theos doesn’t look as bad.


I like it because i am colourblind :kos2: just messing. To me its meh, it aint TERRIBLE but it aint amazing either. I think maybe people are not used to those sorta colours and arsenal maybe that is why it has such a bad response. Then again i am not so used to Arsenal in black, but that kit is pukka. As someone said it would have been even better if they used black and red that would have been totally awesome but the black and pink is cool!


Eh there’s always that fucking Spurs kit we had or the white and blue pinstripes that were pretty bad.


This one?

I liked that. Was smart A.F Had Fabregas 4 on the back of it :sunglasses:


Nah remember the white top navy shorts one? It might have been a third kit thinking of it.

This with navy shorts, awful.


The 07/08 away was a thing of beauty…

But yeah the white pinstrip shirt we had a year or two after was absolutely atrocious


I really can’t see what’s wrong with it? Because it’s white? Looks like a classy shirt to me :bellerin:


We are Arsenal. We should never wear white shirts. Imagine Spurs wearing a red away shirt. Some things just aren’t ok


ah mate. That collar has been bugging me! Why on earth isnt it a solid colour.


Just gonna say it.Didn’t like this fucker either.


It says a lot when a pink shirt is the preferred choice of the two change kits.

Unacceptably bad :laughing: Please everyone buy it tho, Arsenal isn’t a freebie yknow :speak_no_evil:


It’s kinda growing on me now that everyone is criticising it. :giroud3:

It looks tonnes better in the loose fit style Oezil has on in that pic. The tight one looks shite.


Experimental but we need a purple kit. It looked great on Real Madrid’s kit when they won the CL last season.