Arsenal Kits Thread


Never really been a fan of gradients on clothing.


The away kit depends heavily on the shorts and socks that go with it. Might turn out to be better when presented properly. Judging by that photo, not a great start.


yeah feel the same as everyone else, really loving the 3rd kit and was so wishing it was our away one instead, instead of the disgusting blue

My home shirt arrived today and with the 10% of my next online order I will get the 3rd kit as well :slight_smile: Haven’t bought an arsenal kit since about 2011, let alone 2 in one season


New signing :smile:


Mbappé looks good with a beard.




Make it happen Arsenal!


Just got the new third from Arsenal delivered today. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Our best non home top in years can we not just fuck off that blue monstrosity and use this?

Also got a signed Mesut Özil 17/18 squad photo in the bag which was cool. :ozil:


For all you cheap mother fuckers who buy the china knock off, do you get an Özil signed photo too? Hah not likely.


@shamrockgooner shots fired.


Wtf would a I want with a signed ozil pic? I’m not seven. :joy:


Don’t even know if I kept my signed Ramsey photo :rofl:


Discarded it along with your dignity then? :kroenke:


If it’s really their signature and not just some re-print then there’s a bit of a value to be had should you have proof of authenticity tbh.


The value will be somewhat limited by them sending out 100,000 (or whatever) of them


Which would surprise me if they’re real, can’t expect Ozil to sit there and hand write 100k of signatures. Especially when the Arsenal shop makes such a big deal about official signed and worn memorabilia.



Every time I see it it looks worse. Fucking hell what were doing when we picked this


Looks worse on players than what it looked like on someone’s floor. At least the home and 3rd kits look great in the flesh


Theo looks like the only gay in the village.


Our 2nd kit this year is possibly the worst I’ve seen of any of our kits in my time watching Arsenal. Trash.