Arsenal Kits Thread


What about geordies? That can cause a mental breakdown esp for horses.


I ordered my home kit on the other day, hopefully it arrives tomorrow :slight_smile: first one I’ve got for years, and will most likely get the pink/black one as well, no way will I buy the disgusting blue one though


What the fuck were you thinking?! :joy:


he was thinking that he was IORP


All you haters can get fucked, that’s a sick kit


Puma for life.


Wish that was our away top :frowning:


Looks better on the promo pic


Why pink though. Red trim on that would be gorgeous


I think it looks great. Anyone have a full shot of the away kit?


Wasn’t a fan of this shirt when it was leaked but I’m definitely buying it. Originally thought to get Iwobi but I’m gonna wait incase we sign Lemar.


I must admit I quite like it. Although I can’t help but feel that yellow would look so much nicer than pink. Much better than our away kit.


Looks really nice. The best out of all the three kits.


Same boat. Wasn’t a fan at all from the leaked pictures, looked really poor quality. Looks absolutely lush in these press release photos!

Really like the Home and 3rd Away kit this season, Puma doing a Walcott with their final year of contract with us it seems :theo:


Absolutely love that. Damn. Might have to buy it!


They let themselves down big time with the away kit.


2 out of 3 isn’t that bad considering! Agree though, the blue away is awful.


It feels weird to say it, but I have literally no idea what our away kit looks like, I’m sure I must have seen it at one point lol


:poop: Looks more like a training kit.


Ffs of course.

Pretty sure I subconsciously chose to expel it from my memory.

So, so bad.