Arsenal Kits Thread


I just wish the fit wasn’t so crap.


The new home kit really is the business. Even the socks are fucking sick.


Have to say at least it’s different…


We signed Thomas Lemar


Ugly different though


Vile… At least do a decent blue…
Not a fatmans shirt :tshirt:


Where’s the yellow? Not keen on that blue at all


Rather have the black/pink kit as our away, That blue one is a monstrosity.


I’m going to buy both the Home and 3rd Kit, definitely not the away though. I haven’t got an arsenal kit for a few seasons now


Never bemoan kits usually but the away kit looks like something only a goalkeeper should wear. So wack.


Will probably have to buy the red one this season because my Özil shirt from 13-14 and Alexis from 14-15 are to the point where the numbers have come off completely (from wearing to play football and washing, and from being ordered from a Chinese guy on Ebay), and I’m left only with two Wilshere shirts…doh. Barça in 2011 is a distant memory now, don’t even get the occasional “oo, Wilshere, that player has a big future” comment now and then any more. People just think it must be my American surname or something :grimacing:

Ay Jacky, what hast become of thee. :frowning:


I feel you brother.


Can’t believe so many of you buy cheep knockoff rubbish instead of buying the proper top from official outlets lol.

I can only have the official stuff. Would rather pay dearer for higher quality


The fuck am I gonna pay 75 euros or whatever the price is for a shirt I wear exclusively to sweat in and play football in when I can buy one for 25 that may last 2 years instead of 3 or 4, but looks exactly the same to anything but the looking glass aided eye?


What I can’t believe is how long it took me to cop on and buy the cheapy knockoffs. So much wasted cash.


Can’t believe people buy a new shirt every year whether legit or not, the entire concept of two or three new shirts every single year only exists because those in charge know they can take millions of people for mugs.


Haven’t bought an Arsenal kit for years. I think the Arshavin 4 goals vs Liverpool kit was the last one.


I’ve already got the home shirt (kinda regret getting Ramsey on it :grimacing:), going to get Iwobi on this.


Have they skipped an official release for the rubbish away shirt?
Shirts are for kids not fat old geezers.


C’mon. Seeing fat men in our skin tight kit is fucking hilarious :slight_smile: