Arsenal Kits Thread

So is anyone going to shell out £60 to look like a seat on the Victoria Line…

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I’d consider it, but if pricing of those retro shirts is anything to go by, we may well be looking at 75 quid (I say this having seen no pricing and having made no effort to either, so maybe its confirmed at 60).

Both seem a bit much to me, given it’ll never be worn for an actual match. I’ve never.bought one of those warm up/training tops, but I assume they’re generally cheaper than the actual kits we wear during matches. I’d want the same thing to apply here too for me to buy one, but I suspect they know that this will sell much better than your average training top.

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So basically, it’s in your basket?


Arsenal plan to wear all white against Forest as part of the “No More Red” campaign highlighting the rise in teen deaths as a result of violent crime in London over the last few years. Though even within the article there’s some doubt as to whether the FA will allow it. I quite like it, hopefully a pre-cursor to a rumoured “black-out” away kit (though that one will need lighter numbers) for next season.

We should leave white shirts to Tottenham. Thanks.

Dressed like clowns, played like clowns.

Although the social message behind it is nice.


Thought the kit was gross.

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I do hope they’ve reconsidered their choice of 3rd kit for next season. The shade of pink apparently looks white in daylight. It’ll date worse than Puma’s green number too.

Saw some family today for a bit of belated Xmas.

I’m now basically obliged to buy this warm up kit


That is actually fucking sick, I love it haha

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That’s the northern line seat pattern

It’s the Piccadilly line, which the Arsenal station is on

Never seen that pattern on a Piccadilly line train before…

The seats are usually encrusted with a layer of grime so I could be wrong

Is that the line where closer to the actual City of London the platforms have fancy glass doors to prevent folks falling on the track?

That’s the Jubilee line.


I personally associate it most with the Jubilee, but I’ve also seen it on Northern and Central line trains. Haven’t seen it on the Piccadilly line personally, but that’s not to say you’re wrong, as it may be used on other lines too besides the ones I mentioned.

Apologies, you guys are right, I got it confused. It’s the northern line apparently.

Weird they didn’t go for the line that had the actual Arsenal station on it though.

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[Geek Alert] some of us will be old enough to remember when every bus seat had that unusual orange/brown/yellow moquette with olive green interior walls. Sounds awful but actually aged well.


I can’t remember the last time I was on a bus, but in my mind they still have a weird pattern on their seats.

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