Arsenal Kits and Merch

Understandable. I get triggered by that neck tattoo as well. I’ve got some bad tattoos but nothing that bad.

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Don’t just stop there @Joshua

Pity that company didnt have the foresight to call itself 49


If I ever set up an OnlyFans to pay for my family to flee the US you’ll have the chance to subscribe and see them.

@shamrockgooner They could ask Jens to license “Invincibles” right? He owns it now doesn’t he?


Merch drop Thursday along with the new away kit.

Looking at that shirt makes me think I had too much to dream last night


My order arrived within a week! My only disappointment is the lack of “new kit” smell, they smell like plastics/chemicals but that’ll hopefully wash out. Though I have a weird neurological condition that comes with an acute sense of smell, so for most it won’t be problem.

Even sat next to my somewhat faded 36 year old original it looks pretty genuine.

The home top looks even better, I remember when we switched to long-sleeves during the autumn of 1988 during my first season and an obsession was born.


Wtf are you wasting your time hanging out with us for? You should be out there solving crimes!

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Where can one get these beauties? The Emirates :-1: logo makes my modern kits an unwearable shame at the back end of my closet rack.

I need a career change and yours is the best idea yet. Thank you

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I like it. I bet we end up with some hideous third choice kit that ends up getting worn more than this though.

Not a fan of the concept

I’d like the new kit if we were doing a marketing campaign for the Libyan flag… but as we’re not…

It is horrendously, ghastly.

Big L on this one, Adidas.

Or a different flag that’s currently prominent…


I don’t think I’ve seen this kit on sale :(.

£65! :partey:

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It’s already sold out in medium and large. Shit

Free Palestine :palestinian_territories: