Arsenal Kits and Merch

I preferred the pink one to these two. I assume pink is the European one these being the standard set with staff getting Dark Blue and players light blue. After last years maroon and gold one, and the navy, red and yellow one the year before, these are utter pants.

There’s a reason the pink shirt was barely used not so long back - it clashes with anything with red on it.


Either of those tops would have been nice change shirts.

But why haven’t adidas just reissued the 89 kits? Surely they’d make an incredible amount of money.

Yeah, I don’t get it either, if they reissued the “Anfield” kit, they’d sell in their millions. I honestly wouldn’t care that it would devalue my original. I’d be over moon about getting a new set, hopefully long-sleeve ones as they didn’t sell them to fans at the time.

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“Selling fast” :henry:


Sold out soon, found on ebay for £100.