Arsenal in negotiations for sleeve sponsor


Yeah tbh I’m not that happy with the deal and I’d rather the club not have to whore itself out like this.

But unfortunately thanks to plastic cunts like City, you have to do this to compete.

Football really needs to come back to the real world.


Well bring the salary cap, else the football world will be fucked


Short term investment for potentially long term gains for the country. I’m sure a lot of thought has been put into this deal, both from a business and an ethical perspective.


Investment from the an oil rich Middle East and Investment from a developing African nation isn’t directly comparable.

In any case I’ve been consistent about the negative influence of Russian and Arab money distorting the sport of football.

Even though I think promoting tourism won’t actually help a nation like Rwanda in the long term in any major way. I can see the value of promoting the country

I still think the club should have avoided this deal. Whether you agree with the stance or not, I don’t want an article like the one I posted being circulated about the club. It’s definitely a risky partnership and I would have preferred for the club to take less from an established corporate brand

It’s rumoured to be the biggest sleeve sponsorship in English football to date, that sets off alarm bells in my head slightly. I certainly think £30m factored into their budget will do lot more good for the country


Exactly. Such decisions are made with long term benefits in mind.

You bring prosperity to any nation by creating jobs. Tourism is a strong source of job creation.
Although I don’t see much value in shirt sleeves when you can just throws ads on television or on internet.


How come tourism can’t help Rwanda on the long term? Questionable articles can be written about every club and deals they have with sponsors. The journalist/paper in question just chose to write this up. Just because there are selective picky cunts out there it doesn’t mean the deal shouldn’t be made.

African countries just can’t win. Why can’t they develop economic activities whilst working on poverty and other developments at the same time in the country? One doesn’t exclude the other. This deal will make Arsenal/European football also more accesible to African fans.


Tourism is a terrible way to nation build for developing countries. A healthy tourist market should complement an already strong and diversified economy.

Wealth brought in through tourism will only benefit small pockets of the country, it rarely benefits the country as a whole. The jobs created to service tourists are always limited, it’s been well documented service industry jobs have little effect on the overall unemployment rate. Not to mention the workers often have few rights and are exposed to poor wages.

The governments of developing nations usually reduce the tax rate on western companies that host the best tourist attractions in the country. The treasury receives very little capital income from tourism because it wants to remain an attractive destination and investment, therefor an already corrupt government can’t invest in things like infrastructure, education and healthcare which are the core building blocks for a developing nation and will lead to better growth.

A country that relies on tourism is highly susceptible to external factors which can devastate the number of tourists arriving in country.

European football clubs see Africans as nothing other than a cash cow. There’s a very one sided relationship that has zero benifits for African people


While I pretty much agree with this, I think you are underestimating tourism as a truly viable way to “prime the pump” (trademarked Donald Trump 2017) and can account for a LOT even in pretty big economies. If I’m not mistaken, there are States in the US that their biggest economy is tourism and countries like Belize and Costa Rica have made huge economic strides in no small part to tourism…

There are a multitude of side benefits that can help tagential economies as well…

Anyway, I agree with your larger point about Rwanda and the deal in particular.


What kind of industry does benefit a country as whole? A developing tourist industry can lead to jobs in other sectors too. Accommendations, infrastructure needs to be build by someone.

You have stated that last part more often, but that is obviously bullocks. Even yourself as a Britton are a cash cow for Arsenal. What benefit has it for you to invest your time and money in Arsenal?


The Daily Mail is very right wing and they really love to rant about foreign aid, so if they can get that issue and a massive football club like Arsenal into the same story they’re absolutely going to town on it.


Rwanda already makes a fair amount of its money from tourism so I can’t see anything wrong with trying to advertise it even more.

Central Africa has some of the most amazing shit in the world, yet plenty of people in western countries would never consider it for a holiday.


Rwanda has fucking mountains AND gorillas in said mountains.

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Rwanda has mountains with gorillas in them fucking a man?


Listen here, you slanderous little cretin, our wonderful friends from the Arabian peninsula are fine and upstanding global citizens upon which the foundations of our economy are built!

They sell us their beautiful black gold, the lifeblood of our economy without which it all would come tumbling down, and in return buy our luxury real estate at massive mark ups and buy lots and lots of our missiles and rockets and weapons with which they nobly defend their amazing homeland against vicious marauders and invaders!

We can’t POSSIBLY criticise our strongest global allies in times as uncertain as these, you treacherous dog. Are you a traitor to the Empire?! Do you want to talk us down and ruin the economy you ignorant little boor? This country is going to the dogs and I WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN!

Comparing our Arab friends to an upstart aid-leech like Rwanda is quite frankly DISGUSTING and an OUTRAGE. You should be ashamed.


Prime Minister-elect Jacob Rees-Mogg


Fucking BNP popping up in my newsfeed :face_vomiting:



GIRFUY racist Daily Mail, Sun etc.

You don’t want the government topay aid?? How about you pay compensation for the ravaging if the continent and the slave trade, and return the artefacts etc you stole around the globe, thundercunts.

I still see the Kohinoor in the possession of the German monarch, so until that isn’t the case never talk about aid again, bellends.


It’s got 0.0% to do with this, just fyi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Visit Rwanda says the number of British travellers visiting the country has risen by more than 20 percent over the past 12 months.


That awful new kit the sleeve sponsors should be SpecSavers
Atrocious kit .



I thought it was an odd sponsor at first. But it’s actually a win/win for both parties.