Arsenal in negotiations for sleeve sponsor


So Rwandam^


Does anyone know what it is worth to us?


The £10 million-a-year ($13m) deal with ‘Visit Rwanda’ is the biggest sleeve sponsorship contract in the Premier League, surpassing Chelsea’s £6m-a-year ($8m) agreement with Hyundai and Manchester City’s partnership with Korean company Nexen Tire.


Arsenal announced Wednesday not only Unai Emery as new manager, but also a new sponsorship deal and that raises many questions. Government parties VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie have asked Minister Sigrid Kaag of Development Cooperation for clarification.

The coming three seasons will be on the sleeves of the Arsenal-shirt ‘Visit Rwanda’. It must make the tourism industry of the African country known. Rwanda pays almost 35 million euros, reports The East African. According to the newspaper, Rwandan President Paul Kagame is an avid Arsenal fan.

The new deal is a lot of MPs shot in the wrong way. ‘I am indignant that a country where we provide solid financial assistance has now become a whopping 30 million euro shirt sponsor of a major English football club’, responds Joël Voordewind (ChristenUnie) to the NOS. Bente Becker (VVD) wants to know from Kaag whether she intends to reconsider the development relationship. ‘And if she wants to appeal to Rwanda at least on this decision.’

Not only the government parties are critical. The opposition also wants clarification. ‘Of course our development aid does not go to the government of Rwanda and it is good that Rwanda tries to give the economy a boost’, says Isabelle Diks (GroenLinks). “But it is disheartening that this kind of spending is being made, while the international community is trying to do something about the terrible poverty in the country.”


I wondered the same thing myself when we announced the sponsor. It seems outrageous that a country mired in poverty can find so much money to give to an English football club to feature on their sleeve.


I mean it makes sense though.

They’re literally reaching millions of people and making them consider Rwanda as a tourist destination which will increase foreign investment in the economy. I had NEVER thought of Rwanda as a tourist destination and now I’ve caught myself googling it and how to get there etc.

I’m normally fairly critical of stuff like this but I actually think it’s a fairly smart way of utilising the money. Rather that than giving it to some fucking corrupt cabinet ministers so they can buy a sweet house in Kensington.


Yeah I can buy that and it does make sense. I’m just not sure it’s the best way to spend the money given over 60% of the country lives in poverty.


The money is spent on the sponsor is:

A. Trying to make the country more attractive.

B. Trying to create a new image away from poverty.

C. If it does come to fruition the tourist industry would bring jobs to the local populist.


In comparison 26% of Americans live in poverty areas, yet they spend billions of money on stuff that don’t promote tourism.


I can see why they are doing it to promote Rwanda and it’s economy, but I would be happy about it at all if I was a citizen. I’m not sure how much of a return they’ll see for that £30m either


Exactly the same here, only ever heard negative things about Rwanda as soon as I saw it on the sleeve did a bit of googling as I’ve always fancied it to see gorillas in their natural habitat.


Do you mean you have never seen Diego Costa play football?


I’ll save you fellas the hassle. Go to Tanzania.


Is this real? I was hoping for


I don’t know where Rwanda is lol but all top clubs seem to have a sleeve sponsor now so it’s all good


The club should have avoided this deal


Questionable Arab money is spread extensively throughout European football, but questionable African money is a problem? Come on now.


I think we should have avoided the deal but not for the reasons in the paper. Kagame isn’t actually a bad leader and is developing Rwanda nicely. Maybe there are controversies with him but he isn’t the worst leader.

And yeah in a game where Russian, Arab and Chinese money is being funnelled into the game I’m not sure we’re any worse for taking the money off a country that the UK gives aid.


World Cups in Russia and Qatar, football’s morals are firmly in the toilet. Just like any other big business.

Someone should sponsor the other sleeve and in the same design put ‘Don’t’. (Kidding, btw. Don’t @ me.)


Daily Mail are cunts. Fuck their faux outrage