Arsenal Football Club History


Was it this by any chance?


I don’t get most of that video but yes, that’s the chance :grin:


I don’t think I can be friends with the editor of that video.


Gibbos goalline clearance. :heart_eyes:

We’d have been three down and totally fucked otherwise.


I was at work in Enfield that day. Remember checking my smartphone every seconds :rofl:


Not eating chicken then?


I worked in a fish&chips :xhaka:


Luca_from_Chipaly ? :wink:


I was at Wembley for that one. My girlfriend finds it funny to recall me having my heads in my hands, intensely rubbing my temples and staring at the ground because we were two down. I honestly couldn’t cope with the situation for a good 5 minutes hahah.

To my credit I pulled myself together after that and the first words I uttered were that we were still going to win the fucker.

Thank God for Aaron Ramsey that beautiful bastard, I don’t think I could have coped with losing that having been there to see us lose to Birmingham.


Can never watch the goal enough. Remember it like it was yesterday.


Yeah sir.


Did you get free food?


Only one pound if i stayed eating after finishing my shift, then if i went for lunch or dinner when i was not working i received a discount.


Can’t see this ever being beaten tbh. Phenomenal appearance record. How good was he?


Very good and classy on the ball. Model pro and a captain who was the epitome of Arsenal class. One of my most respected Arsenal idols for what thats worth.


Arsenal Porn at its best


I can only remember the end of his career really and probably more for Ireland than Arsenal. Solid to the end but never particularly spectacular is how I remember him.

The winning peno against Romania. :giroud2:

A defining moment not just in Irish football but in Irish culture and history. Italia 90 is linked inexorably with the emergence of Ireland from depression after recession into the modern economy we are today and O’Leary was a huge part of that. (Italia 90)


At his peak he was one of the fastest cbs in the country. At that time id put him up there with Alan Hansen. He was a good servant to his country and eventually got to a world cup. He like the rest of the irish squad where very unlucky too miss out in 1982. In a very tough group a late debatable goal in Belguim cost them dear.


I’ve heard/read all about it in the many autobiographies etc I’ve read over the years.

It’s hard to imagine an Irish player good enough to be an Arsenal regular will show up any time soon so I’m always massively greatful that players the calibre of O’Leary and Brady were at least associated in our history.


Brady is a funny one actually. Big Jacks style of play didnt suit him and he and some irish reporters where anti Charlton at the time. Brady was injured by Euro 88 and the rests history of course.
Even more surprising than that is that Bob Paisley almost got the irish job before Charlton and one can only imagine how that might have gone.