Arsenal Football Club History


I just knew he would save it.


Shitty calls in the CL and Arsenal, name a more iconic duo.


@Arsenal4thetreble and @Trion


He’s right. Being the only side to do that is a big achievement, but I bet a lot of fans don’t even know/remember this! We didn’t lose a single away game that season either – similar to this season :laughing:


Last day of Highbury aswell oh and this :spaghetti:


Highbury :heart_eyes:


Oh look, an actual football ground! :sunglasses::persevere:


Did Wenger and Rice really sat on those seats during games? I know Highbury is an old stadium but that’s really poor :sweat_smile:.


There used to be a room just down the tunnel at Highbury and at half time the players would often have a punch up in there if any player wasn’t pulling their weight .
This is one very historically rich club , these times shouldn’t be forgotten .
Wrighty waited for Steve Bruce to come down the tunnel at halftime and Wrighty puched Bruce right on his nose , hence Steve Bruce’s crooked nose .


They were lucky.
All we had was a shoe box in middle of North Bank :grinning:


Our spiritual home.


holy shit those changing rooms are tiny


You should see the showers :santi2:


14 years ago today



Remember Cazorla’s freekick? :heart_eyes:


I’ll never forget it lol. When we went 2-0 down I was ready to stop watching football


I remember nearly having a heart attack when Hull were through on goal in the 119th minute or something. I can’t remember who fucked up but I nearly died :grin:


Off head I feel like it was Sone Aluko it I’m not entirely sure


I just found the BBC match report and you’re correct! What a memory you have haha