Arsenal Financials


So they can announce cashbet coin but not Auba?


That’s how we’re paying for him.


When you see an Arsenal shirt with “Cashbet Coin” on the back, it makes you so proud.

It makes you realise we are not just a club obsessed by making money, we are also interested in signing exciting new talent like young Mr Coin.

I don’t know which of those holding the shirt he is, or what position young Cashbet plays, but I’m sure he is going to be a great player for us.


Why is the club fucking around in this game?


Easy. We can finally buy big players without spending real money.


Merged it with the Arsenal Financial thread :+1:


Cheers, Blink. I didn’t realise there was a financial section in the forum. I’d seen the Bitcoin thread in Current Affairs, but that’s not listed under the Categories heading.

Anyway, I’ve got no grasp of what this whole alternative currency thing is about, and it just seems a bit odd that the club would be dabbling in something about which I’ve only seen a lot of negatives - i.e., the sheer volatility of this type of currency. We live in interesting times, I guess.


It’s just another sponsorship. There really isn’t any fucking about involved.



Darren (DarrenArsenal1)

Arsenal on verge of announcing an deal with a significant tech company who are installing cameras at the Emirates, which will mean from next season we serve 3D highlights. Only team in league to have the technology.

That’s nice.
We can watch Arsenal challenge for a top four place in 3D.
I’m sure all the other top clubs will be shaking in their boots after hearing this.


Yea. Cos scaring the other teams is the point of this deal.


We keep hearing about deals for shirt sponsors, sleeve sponsors, 3D TV cameras etc, what about trying to sort out the footballing side of the club.

What does it matter that we are the only club with 3D cameras.
Is it really such a big deal being the first to have them?

It seems we are trying to get deals to make money, but are a club still obsessed about making a profit in the transfer window.

Whoever Darren Arsenal is, I don’t care.
We still have a manager who is dragging us down.
We still have an owner who couldn’t care less about the club unless it’s making us money, and we are looking at yet another season out of the CL places.

But it’s all ok because we are the first club to have 3D cameras.


incessant fucking whinging


Have to give it to Invincible, he’s consistent in speaking bullshit.


Exacly. Darren is the one bigging this up, not the club. Not every bit of information that comes out about the club has to be analysed to death and criticised because things are going on other than “sorting out the footballing side of the club”…which in case you haven’t noticed they actually are also trying to do.

And nobody said or remotely implied this. Get a grip ffs.


Yeah, because I get everything wrong.

Most of the things I’ve said would happen over the last few seasons have happened, even though i was criticised heavily by a lot of other posters at the time.
I have maintained my criticism of Wenger and the way the club is run throughout, and most of the time my claims were correct.

We can all go back and find the occasional post that wasn’t right, so I congratulate you for spending the time to trawl through my posts to find one.
Well done.


I thought you might have got the sarcasm without the need for an emoji.
Clearly not.



Most of the crap you said was already said by many posters , the only difference is you constantly repeated that and then add a layer of stupidity.

No need to trawl to find you saying stupid crap, just check your last few post in this thread.


No I picked up the tone, but you’re using the tone to mock the club, so what’s your point?


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How is that supposed to be taken seriously?

Why, isn’t that allowed?