Arsenal Financials


We do love to make a profit, not to spend :hipster:


I don’t think thats a remotely accurate assessment of what he’s written.


They factored it in for every club. Ours is approx three times less than city and four times less than PSG. Still seems fanciful though.


That really stood out to me too. Whatever his potential investment could be, there is no indication that he is ever going to invest his own money. I’m not even complaining about that because we are self sustaining and that’s good, but it does make it rather pointless to factor it in. I wonder how much weighting they gave “owner’s potential investment”, you’d have to think a hell of a lot considering it’s put us in the ridiculous position of second in the whole world haha


I know they did but it’s still laughable knowing our structure. It’s a poor analysis


It also factored in fixed assets such as our stadium. So if we sold The Emirates we could buy Mbappe, presumably to play street football.


More people reason the same way though. Kroenke is a billionaire + clown at paper said we have £400m war chest and Board goes public and say we have money (duh) = we should be spending the same way City/United/Chelsea do, the PL spending triumvirate.

Except that our model is ofc as you say to spend what we make, which is probably closer to say £40m/season. And the cunt trio that spend 2-4 times that on avg every year would, in case we up our spending, probably just up theirs to maintain the distance rather than just go ‘oh well nothing to do about that’ and let us close the distance. They dgaf, and neither do the FFP dudes it seems lol


If we sign Auba we have no more funds for transfers, can someone explain how this is the case even though our net spend would only be about 10 million over the last 2 windows ?


Ornstein is talking shit.


Probably wages.


If that’s the case then we seriously have a lot more garbage to clear that’s hogging up our wage bill, not many players we have in this squad that I really care about losing.


How we are still in a position where we’re selling our best players to domestic rivals and concerned about our spending after years of internal financial restrictions blows my mind. Since the Emirates we were always sold how we needed the bigger newer stadium to compete financially, we all swallowed it and that’s fine but somehow we find ourselves in the same position.

We’ve really stagnated as a club to the point that a new staff addition gets us all excited in the hope that something is going to change at the club. This year it’s this former Dortmund guy, last year it was the scout we recruited from Leicester and the year before it was Shad, the American physio or whatever. This is what it’s come to. Great if we can get Aubameyang in along with Miki but what choice does the club have? I know this club and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest that we didn’t sign PEA and come out afterwards saying “at least we tried”. Well fuck that, the time for trying is long gone. We’re in dire need of a of younger and hungrier manager and a board/owner that has a passion or want to make this sleeping giant of a club a world football power again.


That’s easy that fat agent of Miks wants a £10mil fee plus miks wages and signing on fee will swallow up most of what we made so far


I’m pretty convinced that Wenger is Ornsteins source considering this line is now getting repeated…


I’d imagine if we get Ozil to re-sign, that will amount to 50million per year between Ozil, Mikki, PEA, Kola and Laca in wages alone before countering in their signing on fees, which will all be substancial.

Then there’s the lack of CL football reducing revenues and the fact we’re expected to break even or make a profit.


Supposedly the deal was Sanchez swapped for Miki with 15m coming our way from United. That 15m paid for the agents 10m cut and a 5m signing on fee for Miki.