Arsenal Financials

You could still buy world class players for 30-40m a few years before we bought Aubameyang but after the big money came in to the PL two or three seasons ago, prices for even average players almost doubled in a couple of seasons.

I’m sure the season after we sold RVP, if we had gone to Dortmund and offered 30m for Aubameyang, we could have got him.

Players like Jovetic were going for around 20m at the same time we were showing interest in Aubameyang and Reus, and strikers like Costa and Lukaku were around 30m.

It was obvious, when the new money came into the PL, that there was going to be a big increase in spending because all the clubs had more to spend so it meant that average players, were going for as much as world class players were, in the previous seasons.
Obvious to everyone except Wenger and our board.

I’m sure they’d happily have taken our money for a player they didn’t have :smile:


I thought we were interested in Aubameyang in 2014 which was the season after we sold RVP.
Even if it wasn’t, we still had the money from selling RVP, so if we had an owner that had any ambition at all, we could have bought Aubameyang and Reus, for not much more than we paid for just Aubameyang a few seasons later, when he was older with less resale value.

Anyway, enough of this splitting hairs, it’s his 30th birthday next week and I’m off to bake a cake for him.

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Ah ok. Well we sold RVP in 2012. Dortmund signed Aubameyang in 2013 for about £14m. I remember us always being linked with Lacazette, but not so much Aubameyang.

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Maybe it was just me linking him but I’m sure there were rumours linking us with several of their players.
I used to watch Dortmund in the CL and Bundesliga quite a lot and Reus would have been my first choice, and Aubameyang wasn’t far behind.
Their team was just a wish list of players I wanted us to buy.
They had Reus, Aubameyang, Subotic, Hummels, Mkhitaryan, Gundogan as well as Klopp and Tuchel managing them.

Saying that, we’ve got three of their players playing for us this season, Aubameyang, Mkhitayran and Sokratis but for what ever reason, two of them don’t seem to be as motivated as they were under Klopp or Tuchel.