Arsenal Financials

Well you got a reaction. So fair play.

I’m just saying. Looking down on those below you is a dangerous game. Unless it’s sp*rs… fuck those guys.


At the time we were better but that was because of the players we had that got old and weren’t replaced. Such as Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta, Arshavin Flamini, Podolski, Mertesacker and to a lesser extent Alexis, Ozil, Theo and Giroud who didn’t have much resale value because they got old. We were always running the squad into the ground by not investing earlier.

What do we expect to happen when our best players reach near retirement age without any replacements brought in? That cycle is bound to crash and burn eventually and Wenger did a great job to get by with the small investments he had before eventually seeing it fall apart with the Stat DNA flops

How many players have played at Liverpool until near retirement? All I can think of is Gerrard. There’s probably more but they had much more of a cycle of investing, selling players and re-investing.

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look at the difference the champions league makes in revenue…we HAVE to get back if we want to be run under the self sufficient way of being run, and we have to start doing better than getting to the last 16!

I agree.
What spurs have got is around 40m more than us because of those three points they finished ahead of us.
That’s about the price of a top quality defender or winger.

Picking Jenkinson, Elneny, Mustafi etc against palace really did cost us big time.

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Any top European club picking one of those players, to play in an important match is bad enough, but to pick all three is unacceptable.

Hodgson must have thought we were having a laugh when he saw our team sheet, and that lot were playing.


at the same time why pick on that game, what about aubas shocking penalty what about all the other away games these fuckers didnt perform in why that game, because it paints emery in a bad light? What about the players…he had to rotate and he had no players to rotate with. Those players should have been enough to beat palace or at least draw but they didnt turn up nor bother and who bought said players and left our squad incapable of rotation.

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Because ultimately before that game we were in a great position, it was a favourable game at home and losing it halted all momentum and sparked our end of season league collapse.

fucking bullshit, our lack of squad depth injuries and tiredness and weak mindedness that is engrained into 3/4 of this squad is what caused that but that doesnt fit your agenda.

One game shouldnt send a squad into freefall

And yet it’s been happening for 11 years :mustafi:


so if it has been happening for 11 years how is t all of a sudden emerys fault that this team is basically a bunch of pathetic cowards.

If we gut most of this team in this transfer period and we see no better results at all then we have a problem, but i put it down to having a lot of shit in the team and a bunch of fucking mollycoddled cowards not fit to wear the shirt as you say this has been happening for too long and its down to the players and it wont be fixed in one season and because it is engrained they need to fuck out in order for us to get better.

Emery deserves criticism for our poor away form, some poor tactical decisions and some dire team selections. That was as bad as any season I’ve seen as an Arsenal fan and whilst I’m happy to give him another season there has to be considerable improvement.

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It’s funny the way it works, lack of ambition several years ago has contributed to us suffering a financial loss in 2018/2019. The more successful you’re the more money you can make.


Poor investment strategy and management of football affairs. Expenditure increased whilst revenue went down

We’re essentially feeling the “hit” of Wenger’s mismanagement


It’s also that the top quality players we could have bought a few seasons ago for around 30m, before the transfer fees more than doubled, meant that we had to pay way more for dross like Mustafi and Xhaka because our tight fisted approach, a few seasons before.

Players like Aubameyang and Lacazette were available a few seasons before we bought them, for around half of what we paid.

It was a false economy having 200m sitting in the bak, because of Wenger’s ridiculous assumption that almost every top player “didn’t meet with his valuation.”

It was a false economy and an economic strategy that has seen us waste money, and now we are scrabbling around for bargains because we have no real assets to sell.


Genuinely asking, were they?