Arsenal closing in on new kit deal with Adidas


I love Adidas so would happily have them make our kits. I’m not too big a fan if puma, neither the designs or quality.


If the club isn’t going to invest the extra $ from a new kit deal into actual players, you guys are just cheering for additional bank account interest.



Imagine the Arsenal Adidas Originals :ok_hand: I’d defo spend loads on that


There could be a promo there lol…puma are the nuts that fucks adidas


We are not gonna spend them thought :arteta:


I’m a bit hipster about Adidas, so it’s all good with me.



Hard to imagine a time when those hats were considered actual swag.


Remember seeing Wilshire with one of them on in a holiday Piccy…looked a right Ponce!


If we do go with Adidas something we’re likely to see is a bruised banana replica with the new crest on it. :weary:


If they do it right it would be the first current shirt I’ve bought in ten years, could be a big winner.


I meant as a megastore item, not an official kit.


Fair. Could see them putting one together fir a third kit maybe


Heard our next kits will come with two sleeves and a hole to put your head through. Literally going to be the same design as every other shirt out there. Fuming.


I tend to think template kits look a lot cleaner and generally nicer. As Jakey mentioned, the template nike kits around 2003 were beautiful, if anything away kits of 2009 + etc that were not templates looked awful.


Footy headlines are very reliable with kits so this is probably true

2018/19 will be the last season of puma then!


Thank the lord


Why?, i think their kits have been really nice, in comparison to the nike shitty boring kits i think they have been a breath of fresh air in general. If anything i think the designs of Adidas in general fucking sucks, gets boring seeing those 3 stripes down everything.


Haters gunner hate


I love the Adidas original stuff but their jerseys never fit right! They’re always a little boxy looking unless you shell out for the fitted version.