Apps on my Laptop

Does anyone know anything I can download that lets me use apps on my laptop, specifically ebays app?

Download Bluestacks. Although I hope you have 16gigs of ram, otherwise it may make your laptop run slow. Turn off when not in use

EDIT is this for Ebay selling or buying? And if selling have you been banned from selling. Because you’ll need more than a laptop to circumvent that

it’s buying, I have a code that gives me money off but can only be used on the ebay app

Providing you haven’t previously been banned you should be fine. If you have been banned I can give tips on circumventing a new ban on a new account

I’m a good boy, never been banned

@arsenescoatmaker Bluestacks is way to slow for me

Can you not just download the app on your phone and use the voucher?

my phone is basic and doesn’t even allow apps

Have you got one of these?

only slightly better then that

Haha I can’t imagine having a phone like that. My phone is glued to my hands at all times :joy:

this is what I have

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I don’t have alternatives I know about at least. I can only advice closing all other programs down to increase RAM slowdown

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There’s other ways to speed bluestacks up but I haven’t managed to do it myself. So obviously I can’t advice

Luke I hope you are using that coupon to buy a decent phone.


I can text and phone people, that’s all I need it for

sounding like an 80 year old lady


What about WhatsApp? You never used that


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What’s your carrier pigeon called? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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haha I don’t really like the way people are so reliant on phones, I hate seeing people walking a long the pavement just looking down at a phone