Antoine Griezmann


No one can be certain of this to be honest.


NO way we’re competing for Griezman, United will blow us out the water with transfer fee and more importantly wages. When Griezman moves he’ll be at least on 300k imo.

It’s tabloid bollox, it seems almost a done deal to United and they’ve tagged us on to get more clickbait.


I’d imagine most teams will be in for him, ranging from United, City, Chelsea, to teams from other top leagues such as PSG.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to see us competing with any of them teams financially.



Draxler, Reus, Griezmann… we certainly have been linked with quality wingers in the past and it’s somewhat surprising that we haven’t added that one more piece to the squad quite yet.

Yea, but how many of them really need a left winger? :laughing::laughing:


And Mahrez last summer.


In recent years and certainly since Reus has been considered world class i believe all the top clubs have bought left wingers.


True, completely forgot he even existed lol

Aye, you probably forgot about our argument some years back when you argued he’d be less effective playing anywhere else than LW :wink:


We should make a double swoop and offer 100m for Griezman and Simeone :grinning:

How could they refuse?


You werent right then and you arent right now. Suck it.


If Griezmann ends up joining a United side that happens to finish 5th or 6th this season, it’s the biggest sign yet that the ‘be all and end all’ of Champion League qualification is really, well, not. To clubs with enough money and pre-existing prestige.


Not even sure it’s about that now. Ashley Williams or Mikel Arteta might take the offer from a club like Arsenal simply for the fact it’s CL football and they’ve never done it before. It’s fun and new to play overseas midweek.

But if you’re someone like Griezmann and you’ve been in 2 of the last 3 finals then just turning up and taking part probably isn’t enough of a convincer. Joining Arsenal just for the CL means 4 games against Basel/Ludogorets (and who cares about that) then it’s a couple of games against PSG at a stage where they’re generally meaningless games and then basically getting taken apart by Bayern when it does matter.

I think the question is either are you a shit player that just wants the ride of “I played in the CL” or are you a top player that has ambitions of having a real go at the competition and given the choice in summer 2017 I’d honestly choose United/Mourinho over Arsenal/Wenger for football reasons alone.


Forgive my confusion but how do they have a real go if they aren’t even in the competition to begin with?


Yeah I’m not getting this either. United haven’t been in the competition for three years and Mourinho isn’t exactly setting the world alight at United.


I think most will agree that as disappointing as United have been they are likely to win the league again before us and make the CL last 8 again before us.


Because they’re United. They’ll spend the money and they’re desperate to be competing. If you’re signing a 5-6 year deal you’re not just looking at one season and United have been average for 3 seasons but I can’t see it happening for another 3 from this point as the richest club around.

From next season they should be competing for the title (could’ve been this season but they’ve blown it but 5 points from 2nd isn’t exactly miles away from the CL) and that’ll probably mean being in the CL anyway.

I’m sure he’d prefer a club already at the top but if it’s simply CL club vs non CL club it’ll be about more than that. Looking over the next 5 years I can’t see United not being successful so I’d go there now if I could.


‘Wanting CL Football’ was always code for ‘I want a pay rise’. United are one of the few clubs who can pay 100m transfer fees, 300k wages and 10m signing on fees. Players will see it as investing in a project but mainly they’re getting dirty filthy rich.

So United effectively are grabbing Griezman and spending another 200m. The only plus side for us is that it shakes up their squad stability and kills one or 2 of their young players. I think Griezman is a fair bit overrated to, he’s basically a Theo who can actually shoot with the laces but still plenty of limitations. Also it’s not like United don’t have a very good attack already, they can play:


So Martial, Mkhitaryan and Rashford all see their opportunities cut.

Mourinho is going to expect Griezman to play as a wingback at times presuming he’s on the wing. At Atletico he played with more freedom as a secondary striker. He obviously won’t do quite as well as a wingback with more defensive responsibility.


Griezmann is a Theo who can shoot with laces?

So basically because Griezmann can shoot with his laces he’s one of the best players in the world whereas because Theo can’t hit the ball with his laces he’s unfortunately not even close to being one of the best players in the league let alone the world.


The attraction for Griezman of Man U over us, is that they are a club that are among the top four biggest clubs in Europe and will do anything they can to get back to where they were, and show massive ambition.
They also have some of the best players in Europe which is often a big pull for other top players and, of course, they pay phenomenal wages.

We, on the other hand, are barely a top four club in the PL, we have a problem keeping top quality players, let alone buying them, and are renowned for being one of the tightest of the big clubs in Europe.
We have an old manager who is way past his sell by date and are a club in stagnation, and have been for several seasons.

I’m surprised that anyone would think he would even consider coming here or would pay more than 90m to get him.


I don’t think Mourinho is convinced of Mata and Rooney is older. That secondary striker position is up for grabs at United.

And come on, Griezmann is one of the best forwards in European football. Walcott is not even close.