Antoine Griezmann


Weird bump this one, but I was just watching a clip of Griezmann and saw exactly this part and remembered someone saying it on OA months ago lol!

at about 3:40 he starts talking about playing as Arsenal in FM and pausing at 3:51 you can see he plays a 4-1-4-1 with Coq as DM, four attacking midfielders Sanchez, Cazorla, Walcott and what looks like Corréa from Atlético ? and in deed Lukaku up front haha :smiley: (In good fashion he has Barca next in the CL as well!)


Riiiiiight. Lol



Yes please.


“Arsenal and United plan 85m offers.”

Something about that is very believable and yet something really isn’t but I can’t quite put my finger on it…


85 mil from us? Wenger would get an heart attack :wenger:


Griezman would be the best signing for us ever but Mourinho is not going to let Wenger beat him to the signing of any player, let alone a top striker like him.
Also Man U have no problem spending that sort of money while we are not known for massive spending.
I also think that Man U would pay bigger wages and are probably more attractive for prospective players.

Let’s face it, we aren’t going to sign him.


We’d be able to offer similar money if we really wanted him and he wouldn’t choose United over us for footballing reasons


Tbh I’m very happy with Alexis as our striker. At the moment I don’t think we need to sign anyone upfront as this is the strongest quality depth we have had in years.


I cant see us getting Griezmann lets face it he will go to Manu to be with that haircut diva…Manu can offer £100m without blinking…BUT i do reckon we will likely keep Sanchez and maybe Add Reus, there has been a lot of talk about us talking to Reus. I feel that could work a treat considering we would have Sanchez as a main striker then Giroud and Welbeck as striker and even Lucas at a push. Then for Wingers we can have Reus, Ox, Walcott, Lucas, Iwobi etc…that looks quite tasty.


Griezmann would choose United over us. They’re a bigger club who can offer more money than we can.


If we bought Reus to play with Sanchez upfront then that would be almost as good as getting Griezman.

Ozil, Reus and either Walcott or Iwobi playing behind Sanchez would be one of the best attacks in the PL.

Griezman is top quality but I just can’t see us paying anywhere near that sort of money for one player, as well as the sort of wages he would be asking, and I don’t think he would choose us over, Man U.

But Reus would certainly be an attractive alternative.


Honestly i think if Reus was up for a move it would have happened by now. Dortmund have no real financial power and there isnt a club in the world Reus couldn’t walk into.


Reus is as injury prone as Welbeck is though, so that’s not exactly helpful


He hasn’t been our striker for about six weeks now though. Until we can finally have 2-3 players that are undeniably better than Giroud to fill those front 3 spots he’s always going to be popping up.

With Giroud up front and Alexis on the wing we’re really no different to the team we were 1/2/3 years ago that wasn’t good enough. We need one more star in that three and Griezmann would definitely be my pick, even for the silly money in his clause.


Then why hasn’t he walked into one?


Because he doesn’t want to.


Reus really needs to think about his trophy cabinet when he hands 'em up. His cabinet is empty as hell, particularly with missing the World Cup.

He’s got one big move left in him and he needs to consider it soon, with that said why he’d come here is anyone’s guess.

As for Griezmann we mostly likely wouldn’t pay the fee let alone the monster wages, he’d probably be seeking parity with Pogba which is what at least 300K a week? Taking the transfer to way over £100mil including wages so yeah forget about this one.


Sanchez’ replacement.


Inexplicably no-one better, richer or bigger was interested in Sanchez when we signed him. That won’t be the case with Griezmann.