Antoine Griezmann


He’s not going to double our record fee…that’s why I think it’s believable that he would try to offer 60 million for him. Either way even if we did splash a big amount he comes out looking like such a little bitch hypocrite and it just makes the entire club look stupid.


LOL man you must be having a laugh saying that there is even little possibility of arsene going for a striker and wide man as well. no chance.



I believe Wenger/Arsenal had that 60m euro ready.
However, the clause was changed to 85m.

What’s the point? Griezmann has been performing on a very high level for a year or two, and looked like Arsene did not realize this till this summer.
If we were interested in him, do it before summer, do it before he signed the extension.
To approach the player after he signed the extension does not look good at all, as I am trying to avoid the word “dumb”.


This is what Wenger does a lot.
He pretends he is interested in a player, waits until the value goes beyond a reasonable amount, then pretends he is interested but can’t afford him.

Wenger loves to "be interested in a lot of players.’
Just as he pretends to try for a lot of players.

Welbeck is about his limit for signing a striker, Griezman doesn’t even enter the equation.
Altnough Wenger likes to pretend he does.


‘Pretending to like a player’ and transfer rumours would taper along the same line. There’s nothing definitive in any of this.


In Wenger’s case he is the world leader in trying for players.
He often brings up an impressive list of players he could have had.
Who cares, it’s what you buy, not what you tried to buy.

If we are watching Giroud missing chances made by Ozil and Sanchez, or if we’re watching Chambers and Holding floundering in defence because of the lack of a quality signing at CB, the fact we “tried” to sign Griezman is useless.

More than four seasons of pathetic excuses is unacceptable, and has made us into a laughing stock.


Wenger will just be delighted if we can at least get this close so he can add it to his list of players he " nearly signed".


wenger said there is no one better than giroud, theo. chuba and sanogo as strikers… so according to wenger sanogo is better than griezman

now if i tell you i pay 50m for sanogo, you will be happy but you are not because sanogo didnt cost 50m ?


No he didn’t.


Wenger actually said these…

"We had Giroud, but we also had Theo Walcott who I believe is a world-class striker, we had Alexis Sanchez who is a world-class striker, and we had Danny Welbeck who is a world-class striker.
“You have to spend a huge amount of money to improve on that four.”

It was all over the internet but here I only give you one source. You can google the rest


Some French media outlets are claiming that Wenger tried to make a move but the board blocked it!

Thing is if we really are willing to splash the cash and put up £60 million, then why don’t we put up £60 million and try for Aubameyang? He’s a striker, hes world class and fits our play style, he’s tall, fast and ruthless in front of goal plus he has at least another 4 seasons of world class left in him. Dortmund have shown in recent seasons that they have no problem selling their best players when the right amount of cash is made available to them!


I believe Auba said he wants to go to Real for more than once.


I don’t believe that for a hot second. Arsene has total control of transfers at the club.


Quotes by Atletico president Enrique Cerezo I posted over a month ago in the Higuain thread.

Who knows what could have happened if Atletico were successful in their pursuit of Costa.


My favourite player outside of Arsenal so would be a dream signing. He literally has everything to win us a title but the board are so insecure about spending money to get these type of players at the club


I genuinely think we were going to try and get him this transfer but we can meet the release clause but it is also up to the player. Maybe Wenger thought that he could get him after the euros because there seemed to be respect there when he met Wenger but maybe he feels secure and happy at Atletico Madrid and maybe he will only move to an elite club or stay there…maybe we will try again next season. Maybe he feels that Arsenal are not good enough for him (but if that is the case it shows he is a bit stupid because with him we have a deadly team and he could make the difference) or maybe he saw Pogba go to Manu or was going there and fancied joining up there with him in another season working under Maureen…so many reasons why he might not be coming or might have refused it is not as simple as the release clause buyout.


Or it was all bullshit as a favor to Chelsea to waste all of our time on signing Griezemann when there was never a prayer. Sounds about as legit as us actually signing Griezemann.


Had a dream last night; we had just beaten Watford and the post match interviews are being aired. Petr Cech is being interviewed, says his part on our performance and then the sky presenter asks him about Perez and Mustafi and what he thinks of them etc, he obliges and goes on to say his piece about them and then he smiles and says that there will something else big announced shortly.

It’s ol’ Ant G innit.



Maureen said he wants Griezmann in 2017

Did Simeone come out and ask him to fuck off?


It doesn’t matter if he did because he has a release clause. United will happily drop 100m on an ex player so he’s easily gettable for them. It’s either them Barca, Real or City.

Personally I think he’s a tad overrated anyway. Good player but best in the world is a load of nonsense.