Antoine Griezmann


Good for us that Atletico has a transfer ban or else I’m sure he would have left for ManUtd. Next summer then I guess.


I don’t know, although I think its possible. They will probably sign Mbappe, Isco has been brilliant in the last months, and Marco Asensio has also been very impressive. So Bale’s role may be under threat and his injury record over the last couple years may have led the club to sour upon him. For a long time it seemed like he was the natural successor to Ronaldo as the main man but maybe that will actually be Mbappe.


But isn’t the transfer ban kind of irrelevant. If Man United activated the buyout clause and he wanted to leave there isn’t much Atletico can do about that.

Unless he is a decent human being and has said, “Fine, I won’t leave you in the lurch”


This is a good article from the BBC today


The problem for us, is that if Man U were after Griezman and can’t get him, then they might turn their attention to a striker we were interested in.


Happy with this as their fans were getting arrogant about signing him.


There is also the consideration, as a number of Manchester city fans have put to me, that Griezmann could have another Paul Flop-ba.

The pressures of signing another 100mil player without winning another major trophy at the end of it (CL, EPL) could be insurmountable for some at the club


Let’s hope so :grin:


Don’t let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game



Happy he’s not going to United, this looked nailed on at one point.


They’re probably rewarding him with more money for his loyalty, doubt they made changes to the release clause.

He could have easily bounced to United leaving them absolutely fucked, he’ll leave after next season.


We’ll get him next season, to partner Mbappe upfront, who we will sign soon.
They should be a pretty good attacking line up.



We should go for the American Griezemann, Christian Pulisic.


Too late… he will stay at Dortmund another year, sign some bizarro back-door arrangement to end up at Bayern for a bag of chips.


Athletico Madrid appear to be going to some lengths to convince themselves that he’s staying for any other reason than he was not allowed to quit them this year :laughing:

#Griezmann2022’ ?? Please, if he’s still in vogue this time next year he’ll be packing his bags for England.


Feels like he signs a new contract every summer!


That signing on bonus though, he must be minted


So the headline isn’t reflective of the quotes at all but still…


“reveals WHILE he’ll never join Arsenal.”

I mean that just says it all about the level of quality of that publication. :smirk: