Antoine Griezmann


Think it just boosts his appeal by having suitors from all over the world pursuing him. It’s gotta be Bayern/City/Chelsea surely.


That dickhead wants a payday. He couldn’t make it any clearer.

China my ass, you bandit.


For Bayern, if they got Griezman, as well as Sanchez, that would be some transfer window.


No way can Griezmann go to fucking Manu (especially if they lose the Europa league final) and turn around and say he is going to win things. Even with Pogba and Ibrah and the fucking team they have they have been nothing short of fucking shit, no way does a player go there and say i am going for trophies when we have been poor and people say they wont come here for trophies but Manu have been fucking worse. Its all about the money and be with his boyfriend Pogba!




Yes, but refused the call. :henry2:


Seems a bit odd to me. Man United’s attack last season was non existent at times, so why would they suddenly not want the guy who is, in some people’s opinions, the third best player in the world?


I still think this could happen, but they might want a player who is more similar to Ibrahimovic than Griezman, maybe a PL player like Lukaku.
But I agree, he is a great player.

Or maybe this is just a smokescreen, and they are really after Giroud :slight :grinning:


I don’t think Griezmann is the player they need. He doesn’t really address the gaping whole they have at the Number 9 role.


I don’t necessarily think he is the player they need either - if an out and out striker is their main target. He’s also not a José forward, he’s not a Drogba or a Costa. Although Griezmann’s scoring rate is better, or at least equal, to that of a traditional CF.

But it’s more the situation I find odd, they’ve been after him for ages - even after Ibra’s injury - so why have they only now decided they don’t want him?


They may move for Lukaku now or perhaps even PEA.


Funny that it’s reported they’re no longer interested the same time Atletico’s transfer ban is confirmed. :wink:


Yeah funny indeed.

Griezmann was never going to leave Atletico pissing in the wind without a replacement.


They have Martial? The French wonderkid, no? I really can’t get by Mourinho overlooking young, talented options. Odd.


It would be interesting and refreshing to see Rashford and Martial given a chance to make the spots their own but there’s a lot riding on next season for Jose.

And being United with Ibra out they need more of a sure thing than two youngsters no matter how talented.


Could we somehow pull this one off if United/City pass on him? 86m buyout is allot but if Alexis is determined to leave we’d get a younger player for a bit more. Give him 250k a week and double his wages. Wishful thinking I know

I think he’ll continue to be benched and sold in a season or 2


I agree.
Those two look the likely choices.
Either one would be good for them, but Aubameyang does have injury problems, so they might prefer Lukaku.

Either of those would be good for us too.
But I don’t think our ambition stretches that far.


Staying at Atleti for sure.

That is a big blow to United. I don’t think there is any attacking player they could acquire on the same level. Maybe they will push for Bale now?

Remember, their attack sucked last year and they have lost Ibra from that already ineffective attack. Just signing a player like Belotti or Lukaku to essentially replace Ibra doesn’t obviously take them very far forward in my view. They need a wide forward/winger that can be a second major goal scorer to complement their CF. Rashford has only been effective as a goal scorer when played through the middle. Martial and Mkhitaryan don’t seem to be solutions that Mourinho favors.


Bale, James Rodriguez, Perisic (they were close to signing him).


Would he really leave Real though? He’s still fairly integral there right?