Antoine Griezmann


Don’t say something like that before the usual suspects come out the wood works to accuse you of underrating Arsenals world class squad.


Well Messi said that Walcott is blah blah fucking blah


Why do any of us even bother supporting Arsenal these days hahaha

It’s like being a masochist who gets off on having a victim complex, nothing good comes of it.

Our manager is shit, our players are shit, our board is shit, our fans are shit, our mental strength is shit, our transfer policy is shit, our stadium name rights deal is shit. Everything is just shit shit shit shit and yet we’re all here still watching the games every week.

There’s a fascinating psychological study to be done.


I’m not sure Griezmann’s ‘one of the best in the world’ but yes shooting is a pretty important quality in a forward. Still Theo is 14 in 19 starts while Griezmann is 15 in 29 starts this year, playing as a secondardy striker and their focal point

Essentially while a top player I don’t think he’s their solution to their problems but we’ll see.


I like Griezmann and I do rate him but I think he’s a bit overrated by some.


Robben’s a Walcott that cuts in
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Walcott that shoots from any possible angle. Wait,… he could actually be Walcott.

Quite a bit of an oversimplification this.

I like Walcott but when you make these comparisons you should probably take his own limitations into account too.


I never alluded to Walcott being as good as Griezmann, I said Griezmann is a better version but they have similar limitations in overall play

CR7 and Robben can actually dribble. Griezmann’s game is more limited than there’s and he’s reliant on supply and being a focal point of attacks. He won’t be a focal point if he’s shifted onto the wing with tons of tracking back Mourinho expects from his wingers.

IMO United’s recent failure in the transfer market is looking at goals/end product of players and then expecting them to do the same while defending and creating as a unit.

Then again maybe they’ll try and convert him to a lone striker, which again is a risk. The only sure fire way he plays as well as he currently is playing is if he’s played as a second striker, this abandoning the CAM system.


Hey, it beats smoking and alcoholism!


Hey, it beats smoking and alcoholism!

Tell that to claude.


Is the last part of that sentence in Spanish? Is this a direct quite from Messi himself? Can we get a translation from the Spanish #lads?


I’m not quite sure about that since signing for Athletico only Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar have scored more goals and he’s become a complete player under Simeone.

When he first arrived be didn’t like the he dirty side of the game but now he excels in it plus has he’s made the successful transition of wide player to striker and so brings versatility.

Obviously he’s not in the top bracket just yet but he’s surely in a select group of players that are the next best thing.


Smokers and alcoholics are less likely to commit suicide though


Big signing if true sadly


Mourinho doing what he does best.
Buying titles.


Why are you sad? We are not getting any big signing anymore, with Wenger in charge.



That’s United and us out of the running then


Those quotes feel fake


Nah was talking to a French newspaper


I can understand why he wants to leave Atletico to win the MLS trophy. That would be a career he could really look back on with pride.